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These needle felted wine bags make a great DIY gift idea for Mother's Day, anniversaries, birthdays, hostess gifts and even holiday gifts. They're not only easy to make, but they're a lot of fun to make as well. Keep reading to learn how to make your own needle felted wine bags for gift giving throughout the year.
I always love spring! It's perfect for beating those lingering winter blues. And pairing the start of spring with a ladies craft night really helped pull me out my own funk.

My dear friend, Hillary, actually hosts Wine & Art Wednesdays here locally. This needle felting project for making needle felted wine bags was her first arts & crafts project of the new year. Getting back together with friends - and out of the house! - to socialize and get my craft on exactly what I needed.

Whether you've been suffering from lingering seasonal depression or simply want to make a unique handmade gift, you will love this needle felted wine bag project! I highly recommend grabbing a friend or two for this project. Not only is great to reconnect, but friends are pretty awesome for helping you hash out your ideas or simply to bounce ideas off of.

For more detailed instructions on my needle felted wine bag project and additional step-by-step photographs, be sure to read the original article at Soap Deli News blog here.
Needle felting is actually a LOT easier than I had anticipated. Had it not been for a ladies craft night I may have never taken the plunge. I always assumed it would be difficult but actually found it to be much easier than I had imagined.

So if new projects intimidate you, don't fear. You will have a blast with this awesome DIY.
To get started you'll need roving wool, a basic needle felting kit, some metal cookie cutters (or stencils) for making shapes and a burlap wine bag.

Begin by deciding on a design then choose the colors of roving wool you'd like to use. You'll need to pull the rolls of wool apart until fluffy then select the amount and colors you want to start with.
Place a foam pad either inside or underneath the wine bag. Then fill the cookie cutter you've chosen for your first shape with the wool.

Starting with a smaller gauge needle, move the needle in short, stabbing up and down motions on the wool inside the cookie cutter. Continue until the wool starts to firm up and create a more solid shape.
Once the basic shape of the wool has taken form, remove the cookie cutter from the wine bag. Then use a larger gauge needle on the top of the wool to felt it further.

To further define the edges of the shape, gently use the needle along the sides, making sure to pull the needle out the same direction it went in.
You can also add blended colors of roving wool in the same manner free hand to create your own unique design elements on your needle felted wine bag.
Keep adding wool elements to your bag until you’re satisfied with the final design. Then your needle felted wine bag is ready for gift giving!

My friend Bambi made this needle felted wine bag featuring a flower, leaves and a freehand design on the bottom.
I decorated my wine bag with stars and tiny planets or moons.
Now all that's left is to add a bottle of wine to your needle felted wine bag before gifting!

By purchasing your materials in bulk to start, you can create around ten different needle felted wine bags for about $4 or less each, with the initial start up cost around $41.

Suggested materials:

  • Roving Wool in Assorted Colors   (Amazon)
  • Basic Needle Felting Kit   (Amazon)
  • Reusable Burlap Bottle Bags   (Amazon)
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Rebecca D. Dillon
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