How do I hide these cords?


I have this cabinet and the back is missing so the front decorative area is see Thru To all my cords.. can anyone think of some type of screening to put behind the front slanted wood pieces or should I just get a new back?

q hide cords
q hide cords
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  • Ebbjdl Ebbjdl on Dec 30, 2018

    Bonnie, Either put something in front off the diamond design or right in back of it. Measure the back and get plywood, and cover it with cantact paper, then nail it, with small nails to the back of the diamond shape design. Aloha!

    • Laura Laura on Dec 30, 2018

      I like your idea of the contact paper. A nice, subtle design would look really neat peeking through the metal diamond shape!

  • Lynn Sorrell Lynn Sorrell on Dec 30, 2018

    Some type of metal mesh/grate that way the area will still have the air flow it needs but you won't see everything inside. you could spray paint it if you need to;or you could use staple gun and attach some burlap,cloth(get cheap at Goodwill etc.) tomatch room colors/decor

  • Taya Taya on Dec 31, 2018

    you could get mirror to put behind it. It would give the illusion that nothing was there at all.

  • Conscientious crafter Conscientious crafter on Dec 31, 2018

    Check thrift stores or repurpose centers for any sort of thin plywood, chipboard, etc.

    There's no reason that you can't do this for a couple of dollars.

  • V Smith V Smith on Dec 31, 2018

    It looks like it is small enough to use foamcore to cover the back. You can use spray adhesive and cover it with paper or fabric, but if you have the skills cover it with some 1/4 ply . It will hold up better and look less like an afterthought.

  • Katie Sara Creates Katie Sara Creates on Dec 31, 2018

    I love Taya's suggestion of using mirror for the back panel! If you're looking for a short-term fix, you can buy special covers that hold all of your cords inside. Like this:

  • Pam Walker Pam Walker on Dec 31, 2018

    I would get some poster board & cut it to fit. It will hide the cords & is a cheap fix. Easily replaceable if damaged by accident.

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Dec 31, 2018

    It looks like the upper part of the cabinet is solid in the back. Pull the excess up into that area, wind it up and secure it with a zip tie and the rolls of cord won't show. Go to your local home improvement store and get the plastic tubing made for hiding electrical cords and use that on the lower part where the cords show. If need be, paint them to match your walls and the lower part of the cords will each be single and much easier to hide. They will blend in with the walls and definitely not show. The rolled up cords should stay up behind the closed in part without a problem. You won't need much of the cord covers, so it will be a cheap fix and they are easy to put up, you can get self stick or screw in. I use the self stick myself. Bonnie, I hope this helps you with a quick and easy way to hide your cords! Have a great New Year!

  • Mel Mel on Dec 31, 2018

    They also make more decorative cord covers - I use these that look like burlap

  • Deb K Deb K on Jan 02, 2019

    Hi Bonnie, take a dark colored piece of cardboard and attach it to the backside of the table between the wall and the table, it will cover the cord mess