How do I pack away Christmas?

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  • All my seasonal decor lives in stackable plastic tubs in my garage that are labeled. Anything fragile or delicate gets stored in my office closet in a smaller tub.

  • Deb K Deb K on Jan 02, 2019

    Hello, I do mine in stages, as we get older we need to pace a bit more. I have a tree bag and a bag for the wreath and garlands, and the organizer for ornaments as well as a rubber made container for other items like stockings etc. I keep them downstairs in the spare room, but they are easily accessible

  • Pamela Pamela on Jan 02, 2019

    Get heavy duty plastic tub or tubs depending on how much you have. they make special ornament holder, but i put my breakable ornaments wrapped in tissue paper or bubble wrap and put them in a plastic shoebox size tub and place that in the center of the big tub so that it is protected. i place cloth items on the bottom of the big tub and over the top of the items for added protection. All the lights i roll into a ball or wrap them around an empty paper towel tube . just remember dont over pack !!1 you dont want to crush anything !

  • Lgm24867807 Lgm24867807 on Jan 02, 2019

    I'm in the midst of packing up my Christmas collection. I've learned it is best to use plastic tubs that are large and stackable for my garage closets. After finding dog food pellets in my Christmas red bows cardboard box on an upper shelf one year, I realized I had some little furry critter(s) climbing and nesting during the cold months amongst the velvet and savoring my sheepdog's dog pellets. I detest any rodent being near me or mine, so I've become most vigilant about the garage. I've used traps and never found any critter, but I've learned they like to chew and cardboard boxes are a natural for them. Obviously, they require fiber like humans! My Xmas collection is large/extensive. That's when I began the quest to do a better job of wrapping and protecting my special holiday decorations. I use a lot of red at Xmas, I separate/store red round ornaments all together in one box. Same for silver. Same for gold. Assorted colors go in one tub/s. For pricey, special/delicate ornaments, I use another plastic tub/s with the ornaments wrapped and boxed and placed in the quilted zippered plastic drinkware boxes that are compartmentalized. That helps to further protect each ornament. I also wrap the delicates in grocery plastic bags which seem to be a perfect size for covering easily and storing so much of what needs protected. The bags work well for protection in case a tub is dropped. Bows and flat ornaments are stored in separate containers. Large rectangular plastic flat containers hold florals, with other containers holding my collection of carolers who come in several sizes and cannot be stored with random items. Large moving boxes are great for evergreen garlands, wreaths and trees. If the closets are full, I wrap wreaths in trash bags and hang them from hooks on my garage walls since they are among the last items stored. I leave the front door wreath/s out until winter is over with lighted garland to keep some feel of light in winter for us to enjoy. Other tree lights are wrapped on spools and then stored in styrofoam containers that once held steaks that were sent one year by family. I use that special white styrofoam container as a visual reminder. It's frustrating to search for things you want early in the season and must dig through box after box until you finally find what you need. The lights are the last and then first item to be used outside for fall and winter garlands. Springtime parties utilize lighted garlands as well, so having these things close is just smart and helpful. Wreaths follow next. Wreaths may be hung in garage closets on rods for ease of handling. Storing garlands in a trash bag is one of the last items to be stored in the closets. I place special boxes that were designed for nativity scenes, the manger/ barn on top of the stacked tubs with the garland as the last item on top. When it's late September, out comes the garlands, lights, topiaries, wreathes. So easy and very quick. With the outside decorating completed, as the holiday decorating pace quickens,I go to the garage closet, lift out the plastic tubs,carry each into the house and let the festivities begin. The first year, I planned to do the above, it meant I had tubs all around the living room until I'd grouped everything together as I mentioned. Now it's a breeze. Hopes this helps and doesn't intimidate. Buy tubs that you can see through.

  • Vimarhonor Vimarhonor on Jan 04, 2019


    I do mine room by room finding that a reasonable and realistic way to undecorate as well as try to store things boxed up in a tote labeling contents room by room.