How would I hang or display close to 100 spools of thread?


I have a very full craft room and the walls are all brick and windows. I am looking for a way to hang my sewing thread so I can see and organize all my colors. I have over 100 spools or more and cannot use those wooden holders as there is no room to set them on anything. I’m 75 so building anything complicated is too much for me. I cant drill or put holes in the walls, the only space I have is the front doors of a Rubbermaid cabinet the backside of the door going into my sewing room. I do have a low ceiling and pipes to hang stuff

from and an area of about 3ft x 6ft of space that divides my sewing area from my designing computer

area that would really be ideal to display the thread but how? Picture a space 3x6 ft with a 1-2” pipe directly above it. Any ideas would be so appreciated. Dixie Ann.

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