STOP Wrestling With Cardboard Box Flaps With This One EASY Trick!

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My smart engineer husband always has interesting and smart ways to solve life's annoying problems. Here is the latest that I got him to record for us so that we can all benefit - How To Make A Resealable Cardboard Box. Now we don't have to wrestle with the cardboard box flaps to get them folded correctly!
He did this because when you have a box of stored items on a shelf, it is just annoying to have to fold in the corners all awkwardly to keep the top of the box closed.  I personally just get annoyed by having to do this.  So with about 2 minutes of your time and some duct tape - you can solve this problem!
Let's stop folding boxes like this! Here is the answer:
No more awkward folding of box corners to keep them closed.  Now you can just have easy open and close tabs on your storage boxes that are reusable and so much easier to use!
Check out how to make a resealable cardboard box in the 1 minute video below:
Many have asked me if the tape stays sticky for awhile.  I mean these are for boxes that you want to use for long term storage, right?  You don't want the tape to lose its stickiness after a few months.  My husband has tools stored in some boxed sealed like this that he has used for years.  It's duct tape - it lasts forever.  :)

Suggested materials:

  • Cardboard box
  • Duct tape   (

Maura White
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