The Best Way to Store Your Plastic Bags

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Organization is everything right now! I was stuffing my plastic bags is a drawer and taking up prime kitchen real estate. Then I decided to attempt this easy DIY using only scrap fabric and an elastic band. Now my bags are out of the way and even look cute tucked away in my broom closet.

Cut scrap fabric into a rectangle about 21” by 16”. Hem one 16” side - exact measurements aren’t necessary but I swed about a quarter inch seam. This will become the top of the bag holder.

Sew an elastic band into the bottom edge. I got creative and used an old headband that I had on hand (I just cut it to size).

I made about a 1” pocket and sewed it closed with the elastic placed inside. Leave about an inch of eclectic band out of the pocket on each side so you can grab it later to make a knot.

Sew the long edge of the fabric rectangle together to make a tube. Make sure your fabric is inside out. Again, my hem was about a quarter inch. Tie the elastic into a knot. The right size should easily slide over your wrist like a hair tie. Turn the tube rightside out. Almost done!

To create a handle, I cut a small piece of fabric into a rectangle and folded the unfinished edges in. Use an iron to hold the folds in place then sew a stitch down the middle.

I attached the handle with a few stitches and then hung it up in my broom closet. Cute and functional!

Suggested materials:

  • Fabric
  • Elastic

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