Giving A Sad, Worn Out Park Bench New Life

Lisa Myers
by Lisa Myers
1-2 Weeks
The house I inherited from my mother had this sad old park bench that was left behind by a former tenant of hers. Aside from the rusting on the frame, I knew it could be beautiful again.
Getting ready to dismantle.
Boards were all disintegrating.
Iron frame was chipping & rusty.
12 boards @ .75" x 1.5" x 48"
He had used one of the old boards that was still intact enough to use as a pattern to mark holes on both ends of all the boards, then he made a recess for the bolt to nestle into.
My husband sanded all the boards down & sanded 2 corner edges of each board to kind of round them off for better sitting comfort.
Note the rounded edges.
He gave all the boards 2 coats of the red spray paint (we used Cabernet color), then once they were well dried, gave them all a coat of clear coat.
He spray-painted the heads of the bolts to match the cast iron frame by poking them through a piece of cardboard.
He used a steel bristle sanding attachment for the drill to clean the rust & chipped paint off. In some areas, he used naval jelly on the rust.
Putting it all together.
It's all done.
It has found its new home in our front yard.
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  • Art Art on Sep 21, 2020

    Most of my boards are shot. What are the best wood(s) for replacement?


  • Catherine Glass Catherine Glass on Mar 16, 2021

    I have an old church bench and a bench just like the 1 you use do you think I can put them together an make an cute bench

  • Andrea L. Crozier Andrea L. Crozier on May 01, 2021

    What kind of wood did you use?

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  • Elaine Marten Elaine Marten on Jan 02, 2023

    my mom and I went garage saleing and I spied a bench very similar to yours for $10! I live about 900 miles away from her, but I told her if she didn't get it I would, and refinish it and leave it at her place. That's exactly what I did and it turned out fantastic! So many compliments on it! The lady who sold it to us wanted to see what it turned out like so I showed her and she couldn't believe it! I think she regretted getting rid of it! I painted the metal a high gloss black and the wood I stained a wood stain (not color). I needed help in getting some of the bolts replaced, but otherwise its fantastic and I can't believe at most it might have cost $25 including the bench and in my area and hers they run at least $150! One day I will inherit it but for now she is loving it and it gives a very inviting feel to her garden! Unfortunately I don't have a picture of it, I was sure I had taken some

    • Jdw89205421 Jdw89205421 on Sep 20, 2023

      A little spit polish can turn one's mans trash into a treasure. There are a few steps that I will add to refinish mine. I will just take my sander and put into my vice to sand it. I will start with a coarse sand belt to remove old paint then switch to fine grade to finish smooth. The cast iron does not look bad, but it will get a new coat anyway after I rough sand it a bit, thanks for the polyurethane tip.

  • Aprile Aprile on Mar 09, 2023

    wow; just what I was looking for; our park bench is in need of repair/refurbishment and this will really help; thanks