From Child's Roll Top Desk to Counter Potting Shed!

Vicki Rogers
by Vicki Rogers
I found myself constantly going out to our potting area in a dreary area of our barn, getting what I needed to start seeds or cuttings and coming back up to our porch outdoor kitchen counter to do them. A while back I bought a kids roll top desk, and although the bottom portion was a little rickety, the top was in good shape. After all the trips back and forth out there, I thought it would make a great counter top potting shed.
I sanded, primed with Zinsser primer and painted with this green paint. I only had one can, but I wasn't too worried about the coverage, since I planned to sponge on more colors later.
I wanted it to have a moss earthy look, so I sponged on these colors and painted the inside back and sides with this bright pink.
I had this flower wallpaper border in my craft stuff, so I cut out some of them to decoupage to the inside of my vintage mason jars to hold potting essentials, and also because I like pretty things. :-) I used the plastic spoon to reach inside the jar.
Only one jar had a seal, so I used it as a pattern to cut seals from foam for all of them.
When I bought the foam, I also bought these cork letters, but I wasn't sure how I'd use them for the project.
Then I thought my potting shed needed windows, lol, so I cut out the two sides of the plastic box the letters came in and made the window frames out of some of the foam. I glued a stick to the back to stick them into the pots after I decorated them.
I would love to have a cute storybook looking potting shed somewhere in my yard one day, it's actually on my DIY to do list!, But, for now my storybook counter potting shed will have to do.
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