8 Accessories That Will Make Your Pool Even Better

Summer is just about here, and that means lots of pool time! Jump in and splash around with these fun accessories. Whether you want to relax or have fun (or have fun relaxing!), these Amazon products will do just the trick. Check them out!

Basketball Hoop

Beat the buzzer and the heat this summer with the ultimate swimming pool party game. Ditch the cheap-looking basketball hoops of the past, and get yourself this sturdy hoop that’ll ensure maximum fun in the pool.

Light-up Beach Ball

Light up your pool area with glowing beach balls. Whether you toss them around, use them as hanging decor, or simply have them floating around in the pool, you’ll enjoy the bright color they add to your space.

Watermelon Ball

Take your game beneath the surface. This watermelon ball floats like a melon and plays like a ball, sinking down and then slowly rising to the surface of the water. Simply fill it with water, and you’ll be able to play your favorite ball game underwater.

Inflatable Pool Games Set

The game of bags has officially moved to the pool this summer. This inflatable pool game for kids and adults brings the fun of corn-toss right into the swimming pool. Just aim, throw, and try to rack up your score to win.

Multi-purpose Water Hammock

Do you want to relax? Would you rather work out? Whatever you’re in the mood for, this versatile pool float will accommodate you. Clear your schedule because you’re not going to want to leave this comfortable float.

Floating Serving Bar

Why would you leave the pool when you have everything you need already in it? Safely store your drinks, snacks, and even a book or your phone in this floating serving bar to have everything you could possibly need within reach.

Inflatable Cup Holders

Keep your drinks in place with these floating drink coasters. With their patriotic red, white, and blue colors, you can add some color to your swimming area while showing your enthusiasm and love for your country.

Floating Bluetooth Speaker

Stream your favorite music from your phone to this cute floating duck using Bluetooth. With its changing colors, this speaker is sure to make your swimming experience much more fun and lively.

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