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I love spring and early summer flower planting! There is something so satisfying and happy about seeing beautiful flowers at the mailbox or in window boxes or planters! Before we moved last August, I built cute little cedar window boxes and filled them with the best thriller, filler, and stroller style flowers! When we moved, we had so many other big projects and things going on inside the house that flowers and plants weren’t really on the radar. Now that we’re a little more settled, this spring I knew I wanted some big planters on either side of my front door!

What I wasn’t prepared for was the price for the beautiful concrete ones or the cheapy look of the faux concrete ones! I went to several stores looking for options and a simple design but had such a hard time finding planters in the color and style I wanted! I ended up finding some plastic tall round planters at Lowe’s that I liked the look of but they were tan colored and that was not the look I wanted and really wouldn’t look good against our red brick. So, I decided to take a trip down the spray paint aisle and see if I couldn’t find something that would make the planters look more real, textured, and give me the color I wanted!

And guess what, they had exactly what I needed! I used a textured spray paint in a black/gray color to get the concrete look with the texture! They turned out beautiful! Each planter took about two cans of the spray paint.

After they dried, I drilled a drainage hole in the bottom. These planters are super tall, and I knew the amount of dirt I would need to fill them up would be a lot, so instead, I used an old plastic bucket that had a plant we had gotten at the store to put in the bottom of the planter upside and keep the flowers and plants at the top without using tons and tons of dirt and making the planters way too heavy! You could use anything to do this same thing! I’ve seen pool noodles cut up and used, rocks, really anything but wood would work great!

Once you have your dirt in, I like to put my “thriller” plant, something taller, in the middle of the pot. Next I like to plant the “spiller” plant, the ones that spill over the side of the planters (my favorite!), and then you want to plant your “filler” plants to fill in the gaps where the other plants are. They turned out so beautiful and look so much more expensive than what they were! I can’t wait to plant in them each season. They frame our front door and I can see them inside through the side lights of the door and they look so welcoming and happy when you step onto our front porch!

Suggested materials:

  • Two plastic planters   (Lowe’s)
  • Textured spray paint   (Lowe’s)
  • Dirt   (Lowe’s)
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