Hanging My Jubilee Baskets From a Old Bird Feeder. Looking Fantastic

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Hello everyone

I made hanging baskets last month for decoration in my garden for the queens platinum jubilee.

A older project of mine on hometalk.

The thing was, my hanging point had broke. Maybe the wind or they became to heavy?

I could cry but no time for tears!

Just fast thinking.

I did make 2 of these hanging baskets.

They were not getting enough sun & growing uneven for my liking.

I also wanted to have both hanging baskets together.

To show there full potential of beauty.

I did have a bird feeder it is cast iron that would be perfect to use maybe?

Below is how my baskets looked last month.

Hanging lovley.

Not as heavy either!

Below I woke upto this. 😬

My basket as got more fuller and the weight as broke this completely.

I did save my pot.

Living on the coast don't help.

As you can see it as became rusty.

Below is how my bird feeding station looked when I first bought it.

It has lasted quite a while.

Below is how it looks now.

I will hang both my baskets from this.

*I pull it from the ground giving it a good clean.

*Finding a new place in my garden where full sun can penetrate my baskets evenly.

I decided in the middle of the garden.

I used a hammer to drive it into the soft grass below.

I lost a foot in height driving it into the ground.

But I need to make sure my baskets will be secure.

I never got a picture of hammering the feeder into the ground or adding my baskets to the brackets on the station.

But, I was scared just incase it wouldn't sit, or maybe just flop over.?.

But to my surprise driving it into the ground so deep did work.

I took a sigh of relief, adding my big lush baskets

It's worked and has balanced perfectly 😍

My flower station I can call this now.

The baskets are very heavy and have grew very well.

As it shows this is very sturdy.

In the rings where water goes for birds

I added a plant pot with lillys growing.

Like below

But personally i like it without the lillys

Like below

It shows how much height I lost but to be safe and secure. Its worth it.

I can show both my baskets together in their full beauty with them getting full sun all day round.

From a old bird station it as made a lovely vocal point. where my hanging basket's look perfect and hang safely.

Making a lovley garden feature also.

So happy with my flower station.

Thanks for reading

Suggested materials:
  • Old Bird station   (Amazon)
  • Strawberry planters   (Amazon)
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