Make Outdoor Cushions

2 Materials
1 Minute

Really easy to make, I made lounge cushions and a pet cushion

First you need :



whole puncher,

small piece of tape.

2 yoga mats,

recycle your pillows, cushions, for stuffing

l am using my kids old comforters, I folded it and I am using 2 yoga mats.

I placed my comforters on top of the bottom mat which is gray. My deco mat is the blue and white mat. The comforter is in the middle. I folded it to fit the yoga mats size. You also can use any old pillow/ cushions to recycle.

I do not sew.

Before I started hole punching, I take my string and tape the top part of the string, easier to go throw the holes. Measure the length on the side, I’m working on. I make sure I double it - reason is it to string back. Also if it a long length, I hole punch 3 or 4 holes at a time and the string in and out.((reasons is to keep the holes in line.)

Here I’m starting to go back the length, so I can connect the stitch.

Tie your string when you finish one section and repeat until all 4 sides are done

My pet cushion I made

Hachi new pet cushion. This mat cost me $6.00. I also use recycle king sized pillows. To make this cushion

In and out stitch and repeat stitch fill in the stitch space

A old sofa cushion, 1 yoga mat, fold equally

Stuff the old cushion inside and repeat hold puncher and string stitch

Almost done


A new pet cushion, you can wipe it clean, love this cushion , it last a long time outdoor.

Suggested materials:

  • Yoga mats, string   (Ross,)
  • String,   (Office supply)

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  • Bettina Flory Bettina Flory on Aug 04, 2021

    how to fix that hog garage door ?

  • Lisa Lisa on Aug 06, 2021

    I live in high humidity Florida. I am not sure these could survive outdoors without growing mold.


  • Coco Coco on Aug 07, 2021

    We have hardwood floors that are covered with yoga mats for our 13 year old rough collie to navigate without wiping out. When I wash them, they take forever to dry. I really love this idea, but I'm worried that rain would saturate them too much. Other than bringing everything in every night, my question is, did you use some sort of sealing to prevent moisture damage. I would love to try this, so hopefully you can let me know. Thanks for your creative mind, and then sharing 😊


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