9 DIY Pool Noodle Ideas to Upgrade Your Pool & Beach Time

Beat the heat and have some poolside fun with these creative pool noodle ideas! We've gathered a collection of amazing DIY projects that will transform these colorful pool floats into functional and fun pool accessories.

From adding a comfy rim to your pool to crafting a floating cooler for drinks, these noodle hacks are as cool as they are easy to make.

So grab your pool noodles and get ready to transform your pool time!

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In The Swim Pool Noodles (40 Pieces)

1. Pool noodle edging

First up, DeeDee shows how she added pool noodles around the edge of a DIY stock tank pool for comfort.

DIY stock tank pool with a pool noodle rim by DeeDee

These noodles provide cushioning for your head, neck, or bottom while swimming or sitting on the edge. They were a cheap find at Dollar General and it only took a few noodles to go around the entire pool.

2. Pool noodle cooler

Ditch those poolside trips for drinks! This tutorial from Alicia W shows you how to turn a plastic container, pool noodle, and some rope into a floating cooler for your pool.

DIY pool noodle cooler by Alicia W

Cut the noodle into four pieces to fit around the container, thread the rope through them alternating sizes, and tie it all together.

The noodles will secure in the water, and with a pull string attached, you'll have cool drinks at your fingertips while you float.

3. Pool noodle shark tooth sifter

Skip the fancy store-bought shark tooth sifters! In this tutorial, Jennifer of CrazyDiyMom teaches you how to make a lightweight and kid-friendly DIY shark tooth sifter.

Use PVC pipes for the frame, mesh screen for sifting, and pool noodles for buoyancy.

DIY shark tooth sifter with pool noodles by Jennifer | CrazyDiyMom

Simply choose a size, cut and assemble the PVC frame, attach the mesh screen, and then slice pool noodles to fit around the frame for comfort and grip.

With a few zip ties, you've created the perfect tool for kids to hunt for shark teeth, sea glass, or any beach treasure!

4. Pool noodle flower float

This guide by Edie Zsuzsics details how to make a pool noodle flower float. It uses pool noodles, zip ties, and cords.

Each noodle is bent into a petal shape and secured with a knot. The colored petals are then attached to each other using zip ties, with the ribbed side facing up for safety.

DIY pool noodle flower float

Cords are threaded through the noodles and knotted together in multiple rows to create the center of the flower. Finally, any leftover cord ends are secured in the center and the float is ready to be enjoyed in the pool!

5. Mini pool noodle raft

Next up is a three-part tutorial from Wendy at W M Design House on how to make a trio of floating pool noodle accessories for your pool.

The first part shows how to make a pool noodle raft. Wendy cuts pool noodles in half, slits them open, and glues them together to create a floating platform. She then decorates it with a tray, flip-flops, and faux lemons.

Pool noodle raft drinks tray by Wendy at W M Design House

6. Pool noodle cup holder

The second part shows how to make a floating cup holder. The author cuts pool noodle sections and glues them together in a circle with a space in the middle for a cup.

Pool noodle cup holder and tray by Wendy at W M Design House

7. Pool noodle candles

The third part shows how to make floating candle holders.

Floating pool noodle candles by Wendy at W M Design House

The author cuts pool noodle sections and inserts tea lights into them. They then glue the sections together in a flower formation.

8. Pool noodle lights

Mother Daughter Projects also has a DIY project for floating pool noodle lights, but with a twist.

Pool noodle lights by Mother Daughter Projects

This tutorial skips the plastic wrap when making pool noodle flower lights. They found a thicker flower-shaped noodle that allowed the tea light to sit high enough and stay dry without needing extra protection.

9. Solar heater lily pads

Finally, this guide from Adrienne Carrie Hubbard of Crafty Little Gnome explains how to make a DIY solar pool heater using a hula hoop, pool noodle, and black trash bag.

DIY solar heater lily pads by Adrienne Carrie Hubbard | Crafty Little Gnome

All you need to do is place the hula hoop inside the black bag, cut pool noodles with slits and attach them around the hoop, and then float the creation in your pool. The black bag absorbs sunlight to heat the water underneath.

More pool noodle ideas

From lounging in comfort to keeping drinks chilled and even lighting up the night, these pool noodle hacks prove there's more to these pool floats than meets the eye.

Do you have any pool noodle hacks and tricks to add? Share them in the comments below!

With a little creativity and these handy tutorials, you can take your pool time to the next level. Happy splashing!

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