The lightbulbs in my outdoor lights, outside my front door, last an average of 3-4 closings of the door...

does anyone know how to remedy this, whether it's the light's problem, a mounting problem...???
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  • Sherrie S Sherrie S on Dec 30, 2011
    Shannon, my light bulbs lasted only a few days because I did not use the vendor recommended bulb size. It is an outside lamp that is working properly since I replaced the bulbs.

  • Outside lights and in fact most lights will burn out faster if they are over sized for the fixture. So check to see that the wattage that your using is not larger then the fixture suggested size. Also vibration on the outside wall from door closing can shorten the light. Bulbs these days do not last nearly as long as they should, or so it appears. You can purchase hard duty bulbs for a few dollars more but if they overheat because of over wattage you will be still in the same boat. We had the same issue on our back door. I purchased a compact fluorescent bulb rated for outdoor use. Its been in two years now and has not burned out yet. The only draw back is when its cold it is not quite as bright until it warms up as We would like when we first turn it on.

  • Bill Bill on Dec 31, 2011
    Try fluorescent (sp?) bulbs. I think the vibration is probably breaking the filament in your incandescent(sp?) bulbs.

  • Solutions Electric, Inc. Solutions Electric, Inc. on Dec 31, 2011
    should look for 130V lamps...

  • Shannon Shannon on Jan 04, 2012
    The wattage was fine, but I tried "rough service" bulbs and they seem to be okay so far! Thanks!