A Simple but Effective Glamping Light

When it comes to glamping ideas, practicality has to come before style. In this project, though, Hometalker Anna shows us that doesn't mean ignoring style entirely. Taking a mason jar, she glued jute webbing to the outside. Once dry, she secured a battery pack to the jar using Velcro. Finally, she added fairy lights then made a hanger using twine. Get tutorial here

Glorious Glamping Tents

To give your glamping tents some sparkle, add a light tunnel. This mother-and-daughter Hometalker team bent PVC pipes into an arch and secured them using cross-connections. With the frame ready, the duo draped netting over the arch. To finish, fairy-lights were attached to the fence using zip ties for a fantastic glamping upgrade. Get tutorial here

Generous Glamping Gift Ideas

It's nice to treat your glamper pals, but what do you give the glamper who has everything? How about these gift baskets? Starting with a whitewashed wood lantern, Amy made a label for her centerpiece. Next, she added ribbon and crepe paper to mason jars. To finish, she filled the jars with treats and wrapped useful items such as luxury soap wrapped in vintage maps. Get tutorial here

Organize Your Life in Glamping Tents

When you’re RV’ing, space is always an issue. Becky has a number of hacks to organize your mobile life, including magazine racks to hold dishes and portable kitchen islands. The most effective items are the door hooks, which she made by attaching command hooks to the backs of each cupboard door. For extra storage, she added hanging baskets. Get tutorial here

Jazzed Up Glamping Stool

Glamping ideas don’t always have to be complicated. Wanting to update her stool, this Hometalker removed the old seat. From here, she taped off striped areas on a painters drop cloth. To finish, she painted her strips using a craft brush and blue craft paint. Once she’d achieved a faux grain sack look, she attached the fabric using glue and thin nails.   Get tutorial here

A Cheeky Treat for Hungry Glampers

Glamping ideas can be as tasty as they are practical. For this project, Pat paid homage to glamping with gingerbread. After purchasing a premade gingerbread cottage, she removed the roof and started cutting. Using a serrated knife, she shaped the house into a campervan. Using royal icing as cement, she added candy as decoration for this mouthwatering glamping treat. Get tutorial here

Beautiful Bedouin Glamping Tents

There are glamping tents and then there’s this. Hometalker Deb's Bedouin-inspired tent is the ultimate in space and style. To start, Deb drew her layout on paper and erected a 20x20 party tent. With the frame in place, she made this glamping tent as comfortable as possible with cushions, chairs, and drapes for shade in the summer months. Get tutorial here

The Best Way to Light up Your Glamping Trip

When it comes to glamping ideas, Diana’s recipe for success is decoration. Embracing her passion for DIY in the home, she used it to light up her camping trips, making them more than just the usual glamping tents and comfortable bed. She made this trip special using faux candles and mason jars. Spread around the camp, these little touches gave her experience a subtle charm. Get tutorial here

Relax in Style When You’re Glamping

A hammock is great when you’re glamping. For this DIY creation, Hometalker Andu used a sheet of ripstop nylon. Laying synthetic rope around the edges of the nylon, he folded the edges and sewed the folds shut. From there, he added metal rings to each corner and tied non-elastic to each one. Once ready, he secured the ends around a tree for a perfect relaxation spot. Get tutorial here