Summer Garden Lighting

With the glorious summer months just around the corner, many families are excitedly looking forward to spending time together in their backyards, perhaps around the swimming pool while cooking some delicious barbecue. If you adore this time of the year and are interested in (literally) shedding some more light over your garden areas so that you and your family and friends can collectively enjoy yourselves for a few more hours, here are some great summer garden lighting ideas to consider.
Ceiling Paper Lanterns - Since lighting is crucial to utilizing all the outside space available, mini paper lanterns succeed in not only creating a well-lit area but also giving a more chic and unique touch to the setting. You can either suspend them from pieces of heavy-duty string that have been tied in crisscross patterns across the ceiling, or hung via clothes hangers from the wooden struts. If you are keen to craft layered levels of light throughout the entire space, this is a great place to start.
Eye-level Mini Chandeliers - To shed light around patios and gazebo areas, many types of lighting bring a touch of eye-catching drama to the proceedings, although this is obviously dependent on the size of the chandelier. For example, a small chandelier will not cause any pain if someone inadvertently hits their head as they get up from a seated position. Another idea is to add some glow-in-the-dark paint if you want to turn off a few lights as night draws in and you want to save a little electricity.
Tabletop Candles - Adding a tangible stroke of twinkle-y romance, scented Moroccan-esque candles of varying dimensions (and aromas!) can be placed to subtly illuminate a space. Obviously, candles also add a little warmth when midnight nears and it starts to get a little colder. A second idea is to cover mason jars with some translucent pastel-color glass paint and then place some tea lights inside. Another plan is to buy a dozen cheap wine glasses and place tea lights or mini candles inside, and then create makeshift lampshades out of colored sheets of vellum. Secure loose candles and tea lights with candle putty when needed.
Homemade Ankle-height Tin Can Lights - Easy to make with the children, carefully puncture a dozen or more old tin cans and then place a small tea light inside each. You can either puncture a single side of the can in random bursts with no particular shape or pattern in mind, or perhaps instead draw a specific object, such as a tree, or maybe just some random circular or triangular shapes. Another idea is to carefully feed colored string lights into a few oversized empty wine bottles and place them in bunches in certain locations.
Ground-level Wire Basket Lighting - Purchase a few wire baskets from the dollar store and fill each with lights that offer different light intensities and colors. Place them all around the area to draw attention to a certain landscaping aspect, such as a nearby tree or even a plant pot or flower arrangement. Installing solar-powered lights to line a walkway will help to cast light within high-traffic areas, and tall candlesticks placed at ground-level can also add an intimate evening ambiance.
If you are keen to place some unique lighting in the garden, a handful of six-foot-tall Tiki torches can help create a dreamy "desert island" vibe. Furthermore, if you want to decorate tall trees, dangle some mini glass tea light lanterns from the branches at different heights using see-through fishing line
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