How to Make a Do It Yourself Pallet Patio Table

Simply Chic Girl - Leaning how to put together a Do It Yourself Pallet Patio Table from 2 pallets, some paint and a couple extras nuts and bolts.
I was looking for a project where I didn't need to spend a lot of money and saw this on Pinterest a couple of months ago and I couldn't stop thinking about it. I had pallets in the basement that weren't being used and I had started looking for outside patio furniture. It was a Perfect match!
Here’s what I had:
2 pallets
Paint brushes and some small rollers
Here’s what I needed:
Couple Patio Pavers $1.91 ea
Exterior Paint and Primer $36.98 ea
Just to let you know, not all pallets are created equal. I found this out when I started digging in my crawl space, but I finally found two matching. Yeah!!! I had to clean the pallets off with a scrub brush
to remove cobwebs and dirt.

I found my paint brushes and my roller. I needed a medium size paint brush for the nooks that the roller couldn't reach, but I used a roller for most of it. I had a paint sprayer but it’s either somewhere in the
garage or we got rid of it years ago... this would have probably been the fastest way. When I do another project like this again I will look into a paint sprayer; I looked on Amazon and I saw one for around
$60 or I could try a home improvement store and rent one. maybe :)

I bought some exterior paint - always remember to buy quality paint, don’t try and do it on the cheap. I bought a cheaper paint and the stains kept coming through, so I went back Lowe's for Exterior Paint and Primer. I did decide to do start this on the Fourth of July weekend so thank God they had rebates for paint. After I let it dry overnight, I checked for any areas that I missed – I missed quite a bit of the underside, so I had to fix that and then let it dry again. But f
or some reason I just wasn't satisfied with what I had done. Yes, the pallets looked good and the pavers sitting on top of the pallets were the way they were supposed to, it just didn't click with me. A friend of mine said that projects take a life of their own and he is correct, this one was changing. I had seen another pallet project that I liked and wanted to try in the future, so I decided since I wasn't happy with that one, it was going to change into the new project :)
My Inspiration
I needed additional materials:
2 ½ Casters @ 5.87 each
Nuts and Bolts to attached the casters to the wood
4x4 – cut into 6” pieces
4 Dowel screws
Deck Screws
So here's what we had to do:
Drill Holes for the Nuts and Bolts to attach the caster - Correct Drill Bit size, I think we used a 3/4"
Measure Twice, Drill Once they say right?? I had to drill for the Dowel Screws, then wind the 4x4 block onto the pallet.
I used our Kobalt Cordless Drill to get the deck screws in (to attached the top pallet to the 4x4 blocks) It was small enough to get a good angle and to get a deck screw in between the pallet slats.
My cat Oscar :)
It turned out exactly what I was looking for. Hope you liked my do it yourself pallet patio table and if you try, send me some pictures of how yours turned out.
Simply Chic Girl

Lori O'Farrill
Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!

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  • 861650 861650 on May 15, 2015
    I absolutely love the white patio table. Looks professional! The way you constructed it is so smart. This would look good inside your home as well. Paint it any color and even putting a piece of glass on the top.

  • Lizette Snyman Lizette Snyman on May 16, 2015
    Very nice, looks beautiful