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Great tips on outdoor seating brought to you by our friend Stacy Risenmay:
Now that the weather is warming up in most areas we will be spending more time outside. Whether you have a small balcony or a large yard, you will need to have a place to sit and relax. Here are some ideas of creative seating for your outdoor space!
Not only does a covered seating area protect you from the harsh sunlight, but it is instantly more cozy and intimate. If you do not have a covered patio or a pergola, here are a couple of options.
You could build a bench with posts and then add fabric as a cover. I love how sturdy and permanent this option is.
This option also uses fabric and seems so rustic and romantic. This could be applied for a permanent covering or as a temporary solution for a party.
If storage is something you need, benches are a good way to serve both your seating a storage needs. This is on my to do list this summer since I have four boys who have endless outdoor toys! There are so many options for every style.This white one has clean lines and is so fresh.
There are even easy DIY plans available if you want to build one yourself. You can add more of your own personal touch and be creative on the use of materials.
I love the look of a stone bench. And with added cushions and pillows it can be a comfortable place to hang out.

And if you want a DIY version, why not try using cinder blocks instead. It is kind of like building blocks for adults!
Another idea I have seen used a lot lately is to pour a cement bench. Some are large square seating areas and others are round. It is a modern take on outdoor seating.
I love using items that might get tossed out to make something new. So I thought these next ideas were really fun.
Old tires can be given a new life as a hanging bench. I think they would be cute as ottomans or side tables as well.
And while bathtub sofas may not be for everyone, they certainly would be a conversation starter! Look at the items you already have and think of new ways you could use them. You may have outdoor seating already and you didn't even know it.
Pallets have become a popular building material lately. And with wood becoming scare in some areas, it is good that we have this option. Pallet benches makes me want to curl up with a good book.
When you think of pallet furniture you may think of something rustic but they can be transformed into any style!
I love bringing things together that may not belong together and finding a way to unify them. Paint is a fabulous way to do that. I bought thrift store chairs and painted them all a different color. When painting wood chairs,make sure they are clean, sand them a little, prime, and then paint using a quality paint that will adhere. You may want to seal them as well with a weather proofing sealant.
This same idea is applied for metal chairs. If you are painting metal make sure you use a wire brush to remove all the lose paint and rust. Use a metal primer and then a paint meant for metal that will be outdoors.
There are so many choices for outdoor seating. Make sure and pick something that fits your own unique style. Add some sunshine, a cool drink, and you are ready to enjoy your outdoor space!

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  • Polly Zieper Polly Zieper on May 12, 2014
    I LOVE the bench built on cinderblocks-is it as easy as itlooks? just the cinderblocks, plywood on top, then the cushion? How many cinderblocks did you use?
  • Denise Denise on Sep 01, 2015
    Polly, you will have to "nail down" the blocks so when you sit, they dont slide, and you fall. Che c k with Lowes or a contractor to determine the best adhesive for this.