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This old Snap-on rolling tool cart had a second life in it as a grill table. My neighbor was throwing the old, rusty cart away, so I snagged it for free and gave it a little TLC. To make the wood top, I used 2x4s we ripped out of our basement when demoing a few old, poorly done walls.

Refinish tool cart

Using 40 grit sandpaper, take off as much old paint and rust as possible to give a clean surface for the new paint. I also used hammer to pop off the wheels that were on the bottom of each leg. We used SOS steel wool pads to clean up the metal legs and get some rust off of them. Once the table was cleaned and stripped down, we taped off the legs with painters tape and sprayed the red parts of the table with primer. Then, we used black spray paint to put two coats of paint on the table.

Add levelers

We obviously wanted a level table, and the patio we're putting the table on has a slope. So, I used a table saw to rip down strips of green treated lumber to a size that would fit directly into the hollow legs. I used a simple super glue to make sure they didn't pop out after pounding them in. The last steps were to cut off the extra wood poking out and and drill holes on center to add the levelers.

Cut wood top

To make the wood top, I planed down a few old 2x4s we ripped out of our basement. I was excited to use them, because they have so much more character than a modern piece of framing lumber. I cut them each to length to prep for gluing.

Glue top

I used a biscuit joiner to put a few biscuits in each 2x4 side.

Apply glue to the edges of the 2x4s and clamp them together on edge. I also clamped down 2x4s across the boards on each end to ensure the top didn't bow. Once the glue dried, I sanded it down, filled the old nail holes with wood putty and added some water sealant as a finish.

Add hinges

I wanted the top to be able to open so we weren't wasting the storage space. I attached hinges to the bottom of the wood top.

Then, I placed the top onto the cart to trace where the holes for the hinges needed to be drilled in the cart.

Attach top

Attaching the top was the final step! I used short machine screws with washers and nuts to attach the hinges to the cart.

Add tool hanger

We kept this project really easy. Instead of attaching hooks for the grilling tools, we just used the hanger we already had on our Weber grill and straightened it out. It hung perfectly on the side of the cart.


We were thrilled with the finished product. We now have some great storage on our grilling patio and a table to set things on while cooking. It's been a game changer!

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Suggested materials:

  • Reclaimed tool cart
  • Black spray paint   (Home Depot)
  • Leg levelers   (Amazon)
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