Garage Shop Makeover

A local St Louis cycling enthusiast tolerated his packed-to-the-gills garage shop for much too long. He finally contacted Garage Designs of St Louis, who brought order to the chaos. Garage Designs started by upgrading the lighting and power sources and installing a thermostatically controlled heater. Next came repairing, replacing and painting the old drywall shell. A fresh epoxy floor coating covered the cold concrete surface. Finally, storage cabinets, an ample workbench and StoreWALL wall storage panels were added, along with plenty of ceiling hooks for hanging the homeowner's array of bicycles and wheel sets.
the "before" shot
the "after" shot!
Bank of wall cabinets surrounded by slatwall
Drawer storage for tools.
simple ceiling hooks hang bikes out of the way
StoreWALL storage panels and hooks control the garden tools
an electric heater keeps things toasty

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  • Steve, this makeover has created quite a buzz in the St Louis cycling community! Douglas, maybe we can "winter" in your neck of the woods and take care of those garages. KMS Woodworks, glad you have a warm, dry shop in your basement!
  • John DeGraaf John DeGraaf on Dec 20, 2012
    Garage cabinets are a clever way of clearing out garage clutter. They beat having a never-ending series of yard sales. As a storage cabinet pro, customization is key.