Birdbath Made From A Deep Cobalt Blue Vase Found At The Thrift Store!

I love anything made from cobalt blue glass. It is one of the first things I look for when I stop by the thrift store. When I first bought a tall cobalt blue glass vase I was not sure what I was going to do with it but I knew inspiration would strike.
I also had a really pretty teal blue decorative dish that I bought new for an idea I had. That idea did not work out so I just set it aside knowing another use for it would come to mind. Another item I love working with are the inexpensive glass gems that you can buy at the dollar store.
Recently the idea came to me to use the cobalt blue vase as the base for a birdbath for the garden! Then I thought about the teal blue dish and had my fingers crossed that it would fit into the base of the vase. It was like it was meant to be because the fit was perfect!
I first used silicone to apply teal blue glass gems to the bottom of the teal blue dish. I chose to do this to add more interest and texture as well as make the base of the dish a bit stronger.
Then I used glue and silicone to secure the dish into the top opening of the vase.
The silicone looked a bit unsightly where the vase and the dish met. So I used silicone to attach more teal coloured gems. This added more colour and interest to the birdbath and it hid the silicone.
The birdbath is now placed amongst the spreading junipers growing in the garden. I have to admit I love the pop of blue and teal colour it adds!
The other thing I love about this DIY project is it was so easy and quick to create!
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  • Kim Chi Kim Chi on Jul 06, 2017
    Do u add water in there or is it just for decorations?? It's beautiful btw....if u do add water in, wouldn't that b prone to having mosquitoeS??? I've never had a birdbath b4. After seeing this project, I might try. But b4 I do, plse someone answer my questions. Thank u!!!

  • Teri Vrieling Geston Teri Vrieling Geston on Jul 14, 2017
    Beautiful. Do you know if the glue you used to glue glass beads inside is non-toxic? I was wondering if it would leech into the water that a bird would drink. The beauty of this ides really might not need the extra glass beads in it. I think I will do this. Always like adding color to my garden. Thrift Store.....Here I come!

  • Sharon Sharon on Mar 28, 2019

    IT don't bother you over the FACT it will bring on the VERY insects WE hate some much in the summer...? ?.. Do you know how to fix that PROBLEM.. Because I do love the ideal.


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  • Katrina Katrina on Feb 18, 2019

    Thea!! Whenever I click on something I love in my email, it is always you! You are such a delight in my crafting life!

    I am a lifelong Ornithology geek and this is the perfect height for migratory ground sparrows, Robin's, chipmunks, Kitty (yes, that is my little boy's name and he only goes after mice and moles), and the occasional squirrel!

    Thank you again for a beautiful idea!!

    • Brayjo12 Brayjo12 on May 05, 2019

      Hahaha I hope Kitty is the name of your male cat and not the name of your mice and mole seeking son! Very funny!

  • Char Char on Oct 24, 2021

    Such beautiful glassware!! Great idea so you can see it everyday. 💙