I made several of these from a leftover bag of cement and some rhubarb leaves. The birds love them, and so easy to make.
Make a mound of sand or dirt, lay the leaf face down with the veins facing up. Apply the cement to the fop of the leaf in the thickness desired, make sure it will be sturdy. You can shape the edges of the leaves. Cover with plastic for a few days, uncover, turn it over and remove the leaf. You may need to use a stiff brush for this or just wait and it will breakdown. Enjoy!!
Can't wait to move them into the flowerbeds.
When they have cured long enough they can be painted, stained or sealed.

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  • Tina Tina on Jul 20, 2015
    Do they hold water or do you need to seal them. What would you use? Thanks.
  • Mary Jo Monroe Mary Jo Monroe on Oct 15, 2016
    put on one light layer of quick dry cement then place piece of screen (I used old window screen) down and let dry a little. then top with another coat of cement. this adds durability to your finished piece.