Bowling Ball Mosaic Art

I love to use old bowling balls to create Garden Gazing Balls

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  • Suzanne Suzanne on Nov 13, 2016
    From where did you purchase these tiles. I know I have moved beyond purchasing them from Michaels. Is the same specific mail order supply company you would suggest?
  • Erin Erin on Aug 28, 2017
    Weldbond is water soluble. How do you keep your glass pieces from falling off in inclement weather?


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  • Dee Dee on Apr 18, 2015
    Hi Maryellen. I bought the glass tiles from various websites on the internet. If you want I can give you a few website names. Yes! You can use broken glass from other projects, bottles, old tile & china pieces, and pottery. You can use just about anything. I first glue the tiles on the ball, let dry for at least 24 hrs, and then use grout to fill in the holes. I get my grout at Home Depot. It has epoxy in it, and the epoxy acts like a sealer. You can use regular grout, but it is recommended that you use as sealer after the grout has dried. Especially if the ball will be outside. Regular grout won't hold up to weather conditions over time. Let me know if you have any other questions.
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    • Dee Dee on Apr 22, 2015
      @Maryellen I use silicone to fill the holes. But I think plastic wood would work also. Good luck with the project! Make sure to post pics when you do. :)
  • Dee Dee on Apr 18, 2015
    Nancy, you can check my post to Maryellen above. I use mostly glass tiles, but you can use just about anything you want. Heavy items like glass gems are good, but heavy. In general, you need to use a small working area so gravity doesn't make tiles slide down the ball as the glue dries. I have seen some gorgeous balls done with pennies, broken china, and lots of cool patterns with glass tiles. Good luck, have fun, and please post your work.