Can a Canning Pot and a Wash Tub Be a Fountain?

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I have two washing machine tubs that belonged to my Dad. He used them in his corrals for water. I also have an old canning pot. Putting the two together to make a fountain seemed plausible!

I discovered a manufacture date when cleaning the tub. Looks like February 8, 1940.

Here's the canning pot and I found this rusty tin (florescent light cover from our barn) which gave me an idea to try and make a waterfall effect with the fountain.

Since I'm working with "vintage" items, I thought I would embellish the tub. Since the tub is all white I chose wreaths and vintage artwork from catalogs. I used mod podge to adhere the images. (It ended up that I did not use the wreaths I found lots of flowers instead.)

One of many vintage prints

Since I was using a catalog for cutouts, I decided to add vintage items such as this post box. I actually have this box so it made it kind of fun to have it on the tub.

Not sure which side I like the best.

I used lots of different types of flowers and even found some smaller vintage prints. The little framed print in the lower middle is a small version of the couple to the right of it.

I found several clocks and watches. It took me about a week to get all the cutouts glued on and several coats of mod podge. I wish now I had used a roller to get a more smoother texture and air bubbles out. The paper adhered really quickly to the metal tub and I didn't want to push too hard with the brush I was using because it would tear the paper.

I tried the other enamel tub, but it was too big and a brighter blue. I filled the wash tub with foam pieces before adding potting soil. I wanted to eventually plant pansies or alyssum. I then realized I was going to be lifting the canning pot in and out to clean it so I placed a plate underneath and I used some metal flashing that is about 8 inches wide to encircle the pot to keep the dirt back when I do lift it out. (flashing not shown). If I tire of having plates (below) around the canner I will still have the flashing showing to add some flair. Also, the canning lid comes in handy to keep the water clean during the night or when the fountain isn't working (no sun!).

It was always in my mind to use six of my grandmother's plates. They have been stored in my hutch unused for over 30 years! Now I can at least enjoy them when out in the garden. I surrounded the tub using five of the plates.

The sixth plate I thought I would try it submerged, but then I changed that idea. I didn't want the hard water staining the plate.

I do like how it looks in with the roses. I think, for now, I accomplished a water feature for my rose garden.

I found the fountain on Amazon. It is solar powered. The panel is quite large and the fountain runs until twilight. There are three different spouts to change out. I also ordered a floating fountain so I may use it instead. I have the current fountain sitting on a platform to raise it up.

Here is what I did with the sixth plate. It fit perfectly into the tin backdrop. I wired solar lights up and down the tin to create a night time feature. I was hoping the water fountain would still be working while the lights are lit, but nope. As you can see with the plates in place there is no room for plants. I think it's okay as the roses on the plates are beautiful. However, I may rearrange the plates to accommodate plants.

As far as cost, I just had to buy the Mod Podge, solar lights and solar fountain. Everything else was "on hand".

Update: I decided to try planting the tub with violas. This meant I had to take away a plate to make room for plants. This exposed more of the blue tub which I'm not sure I like, but then shows the flashing. I also had some wind blow through which made the plates quake. I almost took them all out. I decided to put the extra plate up top in the "waterfall" and I used plate holders. Lucky for me there were holes already in the tin to tie the holders to. The fountain has been a real eye opener. If you leave the spray cap on the water dissipates rather quickly and I have to watch the water level. If I leave as a bubbler it can go all day with out a refill (and the water level can be lower). It was easy to take the tub out and rinse it and put clean water so the flashing did its job keeping the dirt back. The mod podge seems to be fading from the sun so I'm going to spray it with a clear coat with UV protection. Hopefully that will help. I think once the violas flourish and hide the pot I will be happy. The whole idea was to repurpose all the items. Maybe I will mod podge the blue pot .....

Suggested materials:

  • Old tub and pot   (on hand)
  • Paper images   (on hand)
  • Mod Podge and brush   (on hand (Amazon purchase))
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