Chip and Dip Flowers, Part 2

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I would like to thank everyone who stopped by my Chip and Dip Flowers Anyone? post! It's been about two years since I made those flowers and I decided I wanted to try some different forms. Things got a bit strange!

First off, here's the new forms. A bunny tray, an old metal cake pan, an organic vegetable tray from a big box store and the star I used from my first go round.

This is a new star tray I found. It's rather deep but it did work out.

Here's how the bunny tray turned out.

The vegetable tray was my best by far. There's some indentations where gems can be glued and I also made one into a solar light holder by creating a hole with the base of the solar light coated with vegetable oil and letting it set until the concrete was dry.

This was the cutest cup until it broke. I was sad to lose it so I made it into a stone to decorate my flowerbed.

I can actually pick up the stone by the handle!

I made these with the metal cake pan. These are caps off of our old

Sharkline pool and I made one for each of my boys for going down memory lane.

This was made with a small pumpkin candy holder. I put a twig up top and now it looks like an apple.

I had a funny start this time around to my concrete mixing. I even had to go back to my old post for instructions! I don't know if it was the cooler temps I was working in or what, but I couldn't get some of my forms to set. When I turned them out they fell apart. Or, I used too much water. It was really throwing me because I had such good luck the first time around. I'll be posting more pictures of how I decorated my stones when the weather warms up.

Suggested materials:

  • Concrete mix   (home depot)
  • Forms   (on hand)
  • Solar light   (on hand)

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