Container Water Gardens

Container water gardens are a great way to get your feet wet with water features. They're small and pretty! Add a fountain or even a couple small fish like Rosy Reds. More water garden images at
Directions for making this cute container water garden can be found at
A whimsical dripping pot adds fun to your garden. Add a glass globe for visual interest.
A simple fountain - but be forewarned - your dog will probably enjoy getting a drink here!
Got an old bathtub? Don't toss it ... stick it in the garden and fill it with aquatic plants and a fountain!
If you love waterlilies but don't have a pond, simply grow them in a water-tight container. Be sure they receive at least 6 hours of full sun.
Another whimsical fountain created with a teapot and cup.
Garden centers carry patio ponds made specifically for container water gardens.
You can always use a container you have on hand. This one was sealed to make it water tight. A few water lettuce plants float on top.

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  • Cheryl Baxter Cheryl Baxter on Mar 18, 2016
    are the directions to make the water garden, image # 3 available?

  • Sjt29229935 Sjt29229935 on May 17, 2019

    Love all the ideas, however, won't the standing water be a breeding ground for mosquitos? We have enough of those already and certainly don't want to give them a home close to where we gather. Do you treat the water with anything? Between the racoons, cats and other critters that roam our area, I doubt fish would survive.

    • Charlotte Charlotte on May 24, 2019

      In Fla. There are 'skeeter police' who scout out "offenders" of the NO STANDING WATER RULE! With so many mosquito-borne diseases, these aren't encouraged here w.o treating the water...usually death to the plants.

    • Barb Jenkins Barb Jenkins on Oct 05, 2019

      There is an inexpensive product called "Mosquito Dunks" that I use in water features and even my large pond. These are available at Walmart and hardware stores and are safe to pets, livestock and wildlife. Follow package directions for the size of your water feature.

    • Emilie DeWolf Emilie DeWolf on Oct 05, 2019

      I use the Dunks and have never had a problem. Even put them in my Rain Barrels.

    • Sjt29229935 Sjt29229935 on Oct 05, 2019

      Thank you for your responses. I didn't hook up my 3 fountains this summer due to mosquitoes. I live in Michigan and we just had our 4th human death in my area from EEE. So ANYTHING that may encourage those devils is not being currently enjoyed. Breaks my heart to become a prisoner in my own home because between the mosquitoes and ticks, going into the beautiful outdoors has become dangerous and life threatening. And, of course, the tree huggers are up in arms because spraying has been suggested and done in some areas, but, they have created a stink so not done in others. Scary and frustrating. I agree we must take steps to preserve nature, but when human lives are being taken due to the diseases they carry it is time to draw the line and take steps to eliminate the carriers. Sorry about the soapbox but, these insects have gotten way out of hand and the tick and mosquito situation is totally out of control nation wide. Hopefully, next summer things will improve and we will, once again, feel safe in venturing outside to enjoy its magnificence. I hope you all don't have to worry and fear going into the great out-of-doors. Keep safe.

  • Lorraine Lorraine on May 17, 2019

    Hopefully you don't have feral cats!!!!Maybe put a small opening fencing over it?


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  • Earlene Earlene on May 24, 2019

    Yes I will try this project. I want to do the teapot and teacup water garden. Where do I get the instructions?

  • Lisas Rexstar Lisas Rexstar on Mar 11, 2021

    I noticed that the teapot & cup are a "Tea for One" set. I got mine at Barnes and Noble, believe it or not! Any thrifted pair will work. I have a couple of fountains in my house, so no worries about pests.