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As an avid gardener, I'm constantly looking for ways to spruce up my landscape. I strive to take my backyard area to the next level every season. Finding ways to do it myself and adding in some visual interest, all while maintaining a modest budget are top priority. I have to admit, starting projects from scratch can seem like a daunting task. You stop to look at beautiful pictures in magazines or online and get discouraged not knowing where to start. I've had an interest in creating a calm and relaxing space featuring a water fountain for some time now. I wasn't sure where to begin, and it felt like it was out of my reach. That's where Aquascape comes in!
Aquascape takes water gardening to new heights offering fountains, waterfalls, backyard ponds and even small water features perfect for patios! No matter what style you choose, they offer kits and simple instructions to make installation a breeze. Whether you are looking to add a decorative water feature to an existing garden, build your own around it or set it up to stand alone, there is something for you! The kits include everything you need to get your fountain up and running in no time. A trip to my local home improvement store to pick up the desired stones was all I needed, and I was good to go! If I can do it, you can do it!
Getting Started
I began my project by looking online and choosing my new decorative water feature. I instantly fell in love with the Aquascape Small Stacked Slate Urn. It is 25" in diameter and 39.5" high. The perfect size for my outdoor space. Since my pre-existing gardens were already full of flowers and shrubs, I decided I wanted to design an entirely new garden to incorporate my feature. The urn is lightweight, around 40 pounds, and is made out of natural rock veneer. I really like how you have the option to easily move it if necessary in the future. It is also durable, and will never fade or chip. I was stunned when I opened my Aquascape package to see how it truly did look like real rock, and I didn't even break my back! It's always a good sign when a project starts out with no broken body parts. Since I opted for the kit, it also included a water basin, a pump and a liner skirt.
Putting the fountain together was very straightforward, and I had it set up in it's new spot in less than a day. The most time consuming process was digging the hole. Now, let me just tell you, I am from an area in New England that is known for its terribly rocky soil full of boulders that dwarf my two chihuahuas in size. I did not look forward to this dig, and I knew what was coming especially since the area of my yard I wanted to use was known for these massive rocks and tree roots. It did take some elbow grease, but I had some help getting those rocks out of the way. Really took less time than I imagined. I did, however, dig up some giant natural rocks that would cost me a pretty penny to purchase at a store!
Setting up my new Aquascape Stacked Slate Urn
Once the digging was done and the water basin was in place, we filled it with water and tested out the pump. It was running in no time! Now it was time to start designing my new water feature garden! If you are looking for easy instructions to set up this water feature, I've included the step by step video on the blog. For more, check out this helpful video that shows you how to create the perfect paradise with fountainscapes.
River rocks and pond stone
Creating A Water Feature Garden
I wanted to add some visual interest with different textures and natural elements around my new fountain. I chose to surround my feature with smaller sized rocks. Using rock helps cover up your liner skirt, and also helps drain your water back into the basin. I chose to mix a few bags of river rock with pond stones, and I absolutely love the outcome! Make sure when adding stones to wash them first. They are covered in grit that isn't so good for your pump. Since I wanted to add a brand new garden, I also purchased and added some bags of soil to help my future plants stay nice and healthy!
Naturalizing the space with stone and rock
Now came the fun part! Choosing plants to surround my water fountain to really make it pop. Since I was beginning my project as the summer season came to a close, I wanted to choose some fall blooming plants along with classic shrubs. I made sure the group of plants I picked had a variety of heights and colors for visual interest.
Newly planted water feature garden
I decided to add height by incorporating ornamental millet. This spiky striking annual grows up to 5' tall and has a vivid dark-purple foliage. Next, I added the perennial deciduous shrub, Coppertina ninebark. It's foliage is brown and orange with white flowers blooming in early summer. It can grow anywhere from 6 to 10' tall and attracts pollinators like bees and butterflies to your garden. Now that I had some height, I wanted to add some bright colors.
Adding height with Ornamental millet
Coppertina Ninebark
I planted one of my favorite perennials, pink Autumn Joy sedum. The great benefits of adding sedum are it's beautiful texture, resistance to drought and how appealing they are to bees. When I chose my plant at the store, it had a bumble bee resting atop the flowers. When I came home, I found out that same bumble hitched a ride with us! Apparently it was worth the trip, because this insistent insect stayed with the flowers for quite some time! After this, I added some gorgeous annual pots of tricolored chrysanthemums. Each pot came with a mix of yellow, orange and red mums perfect for fall!
Autumn Joy sedum
Pots filled with tricolored chrysanthemums
Next, I added two tried and true perennial Green Velvet boxwood shrubs. They will retain their rich color over the winter adding year round interest. This shrub will reach about 4' in height at maturity, and is deer resistant. Lastly, I added two perennial Carnival Fall Festival coral bells. These plants have green and scarlet foliage and bloom tiny white flowers throughout spring and summer. It is a very easy plant to grow and tolerates both heat and drought.
Green Velvet boxwood
I want my new water feature garden to be blooming year round. I decided fall is the perfect time to plant spring bulbs! I dug a ring shape around the garden, and planted a mix of daffodils, tulips, hyacinths and alliums. I also added in some peat moss and compost to help the bulbs grow strong roots. After the bulbs, flowers and shrubs were all planted, I added a nice layer of mulch. It really gives it that final touch, and will protect all the plants during the winter months. I already can't wait for springtime to arrive so I can enjoy all my new blooms. I'm also planning on adding summer blooming bulbs so the vibrant colors will continue month after month!
It really is so relaxing and peaceful to sit outside with a mug of warm mulled cider and listen to the trickle of water from the fountain. Completing a DIY backyard water feature with the help of Aquascape really inspired me to get creative with my outdoor space. Now I have visions of expanding it next season, maybe adding an arbor close by, and even stone bench!
Solar Lights
Illuminate The Night
I loved looking out the window and seeing it during the day, but I also wanted to enjoy my feature at night. I went out and purchased three solar lights and positioned them in a half circle towards the front. Viewing the water fountain at night glimmering in the soft glow really makes it look magical.
Fountain glimmers when the sun goes down
I really had so much fun putting together my new water fountain and creating a whole new outdoor space. Trying something new always motivates me to visualize an area in a way I never thought I would. Sometimes I find that once you get that ball rolling, it turns into something better than what you expected! Do you have a water feature or pond in your yard? If not, have you ever thought of invigorating your gardens, porch or backyard with one? Tell me all about it in the comment section below or tweet me any pictures you have @thefreckledrose. I want to give a huge thanks to Aquascape for providing me with such a fantastic feature! I highly encourage you to check out their website. The holidays are right around the corner, and these fountain features definitely would make the top of any nature lover's wishlist. They are affordable, easy to install and simply stunning! You can also find them on Facebook frequently posting drool-worthy videos and pictures.
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  • Aquascape Stacked Slate Urn
  • Aquascape Fountain Kit
  • River Rock
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