Colorful Patio Water Feature

I wanted a colorful, whimsy water feature on my front deck. I started with these items which, excepting the bird bath, I already had. I picked up the birdbath at Hobby Lobby.
I began by drilling a hole at the bottom of the ginger jar to accomodate a water tube.
After checking the tube outlet dimension on the (1 ft) water pump I cut a length of tubing - I angled one end of it so it would be easy to slip through the hole on the ginger jar.
I set the birdbath on the table then laid the water pump, with tube attached, in the birdbath.
I propped the ginger jar at an angle in the birdbath. In this case I simply used the pump for a prop but you can use anything.Then I inserted the water tube through the previously drilled hole on the ginger jar.
I added some colorful marbles in the ginger jar in order to stablize it and the water tube.
I filled the birdbath with water and added more colorful marbles at the base of the ginger jar, then added silk vine and color to conceal the pump and cord. With the pump plugged in the jar fills with water and spills over its front rim - the trickling sound it makes is perfect and the color display speaks to summer!

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