Flower Garden Make Over in Full Bloom

Last year I did a make over of these flower gardens. They were a mess before I did this. I am so happy to see everything has come back healthy and strong this summer after the make over. You can see the before photos of these gardens in a previous post I did of these gardens.
I prefer to keep my flower gardens pruned rather than allowing them to grow wild. Here I planted roses, day lilies and Russian sage.
In these photos you can see the cone flowers are healthy and not out of control. I had to prune out some black-eyed Susans that came up voluntarily among them because they had black spot on them. Last year the cone flowers got black spot and were very unhealthy. I have been vigilant in keeping the black spot picked off and disposed of so that it will not spread to other plants.
I added a new anchor tree i this garden. You can see it behind the day liliy. It is a white magnolia tree that was given to me by my daughter for Mothers Day. This was its first year and it was full of blooms in the Spring. I'm really looking forward to seeing it grow taller.
This is my butterfly garden. The flowers planted here are various cone flowers, day lilies, liatris and aster. I added a new anchor tree here. It's a weeping flowering crab apple tree. When the liatris blooms the Monarch butterflies will be everywhere. Our home is surrounded by prairie that I hope to naturalize, or grow wild, with flowers native to our area. You can see some of the prairie in the background of this photo.
This double cone flower is really a show stopper. I moved it from the back of the garden to the front so that it would be the first thing anyone sees when driving by our house because it is closest to the road. Neighbors have commented about how they enjoy seeing the pretty flowers when they jog or walk by.
This is a new feature I have added this year. I put up a lattice fence to hide our gas tank and have planted honey suckle to grow over it. The hummingbirds love it.

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