Four Easy Ways to Fake a Green Thumb

Growing plants successfully is part science, part luck and part voodoo. If you haven’t mastered this mix of luck and skill (commonly known as having a “green thumb”) just fake it with these easy tricks:
Give Veggies a Bed. If the snap peas in your garden aren’t exactly…snappy, the problem may be your soil. Vegetables are really picky when it comes to the soil they thrive in. If your soil isn't up to snuff...
Succulents. 'Nuff Said. Fun fact: All cacti are succulents, but not all succulents are cacti. The term “succulents” includes a variety of plants – many of them colorful – that are bonded by special water-storage tissue.
Make it Humid. If your plants are inside, there's a hands-free, low-maintenance way to make your plants happy. Just increase the humidity in your home. (Most plants like it hot and sticky.) Consider buying a humidifier...
Embrace Technology. Embrace your inner Jetson and let technology do the work with the Koubachi. These $99 gadgets measure water, temperature and light exposure through a device that you stick in the plant’s soil.
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