Gardening Tool Must-Haves

I have found that with some projects, it is all about having the right tools.
I think gardening is one of them! I had this grand idea to start a garden. When we first moved, I was too shy to call around asking for a rototiller. My husband was busy with his new job and he joked that I should just dig one. One thing that my husband knows too, is that if he challenges me to something, you can safely assume I will get it done. I told him once I wanted to paint our whole house, but only had 1 day to do it before company arrived. He thought there was no way. I set out to prove him wrong. And I did (sorry hubby :)). Well, with this new challenge, I proceeded to spend the next 2 days digging up our garden with a shovel. Let me tell you, I was sore and tired after those two days, but our garden looked great! In fact, I had numerous people stop me later and said they couldn't believe I was digging it by hand - my reply was, why not? Being the daughter of a farmer, I have learned it is not a bad to do things the old fashioned way. There are a lot of lessons learned through the value of hard work. So, our roughly 10x20 foot garden was something I was proud of. (Since then, I have found a wonderful resource for a rototiller!)
It started by having the right tools. In this case, my shovel. As I gardened this new plot of land, I came to realize that there are tools that definitely make the job easier and more efficient. I have a compiled a list of tools that I find helpful in making sure a garden is all that it can be!
Here are some recommended gardening tools to keep on hand:
Garden fork - turn and mix small amounts of dirt around plants
Spade - get deep and dig up large portions of weeds
Hoe - a weeding essential
Leaf rake - level dirt, spread mulch, rake in lawn clippings (great weed preventer)
Pruner - trim back those branches so you will have more growth
Wheelbarrow - cart away weeds and the unwanted
Watering wand - don't drown your plants, but give them a gentle "rain"
Gloves - keep your nails and hands from dirt stains
Kneeling pad - save your body and knees
Can you think of anything else? I know these are the bare basics, but that is what I am about. Nothing more, nothing less.

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