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5 years ago we had a huge dead oak tree right next to the house cut down, and I asked them to leave a 4ft section so I could practice with a chain saw and sees if I could carve (ambitious, I know!) After dulling the chain blade twice I decided on another tact...Gnome Home!

Final version, I even found a stepping stone on the property for the front door....a hollowed out turtle shell.

This was my first attempt to put on a roof. I planned to use left over aluminum fachia trim from the house vinyl wrap job.

Once I put the aluminum on, I knew I had to start over. Not the results I wanted!

I consulted with hubby who gave great advice on building 2 identical trusses to cover with plywood. After a visit to Lowes and sticker shock over plywood costs, I decided to use leftover pieces and cut to fit. Then opted on purchasing 2 vinyl siding pieces to finish the roof.

I had the width perfect for using one piece of Vinyl per side. Lowes only had gray or white.

After installing the vinyl, I cut one piece of aluminum to keep the rain out of the top. I was afraid it would continue to rot the stump.

I painted the trim black and began to hang the doors and windows. I created a triangle piece to cover the front and back peak so you couldn't see the construction of the roof edges. I used my scroll saw to cut a design into the wood.

I used spray paint to paint the roof to match the trim on our house, black. And used hit glue gun to add moss

I used a hot glue gun to glue pennies in the cut out design and some copper paint to highlight the scroll work

I put some dried flowers in the scroll work to decorate the roof and used the hot glue gun to add bird nests front and back. Thealso moss have it an aged look

Side view of the moss

Back door to the gnome home. I found the gnomes, stepping wood slices and moss at Hobby Lobby

Front entrance... the gnomes waited till the house was painted to move in!

Happy with the final results!

Suggested materials:

  • 2x4   (Lowes)
  • Leftover plywood
  • Vinyl   (Lowes)
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  • Jax Jax on Jul 29, 2021

    How cute 🥰I have a stump in my garden and was thinking of trying this .😊