Got Propane? How to Hide the Tank Without Painting!

Adele Kurtz
by Adele Kurtz
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If you rent a propane tank you are not allowed to paint it to match or blend into your surroundings. Even if you own it, and do paint it, it doesn't last. Wish I would have thought of this idea sooner! Now we can plant this garden area without the Big White Elephant staring us all in the face!
Now you see it... Big White Elephant
Propane Tank has always been an eyesore. Tried planting bushes in front of it, but the critters chewed them down (see stubby in front). At our other place we painted our tank multi-color but paint chips & fades and it was ugly again within a year. This one's a rental, not allowed to paint it.
Now you don't.
Rock On sells a fake rock cover -- can you imagine the shipping costs for something this big? Custom camo covers for your propane tank cost around $150. But high quality camouflage netting costs less than $40 on Amazon.
Here's a closeup of the camo netting & fabric
I use the strings to secure and bunch it in places so it drapes into a more natural shape. I cut a hole for access to the propane cover, and used an excess corner of the fabric to put over this cover so the guys can fill-er-up without disturbing the costume.
Suggested materials:
  • 10' x 13' Camouflage netting, woodland color   (Uniquebella through Amazon $39.99)
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  • TerryHayes TerryHayes on Jun 30, 2017

    Hi Adele,

    Excellent idea!!!! What size tank did you cover? I have a 500 gal tank. Also did you purchase the netting recently? I went directly to amazon to finally hide the white elephant in my yard that greeets me coming and going only to find they do not carry uniquebella netting. Thanks Terry in Tenness e

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  • Elda Rader Ash Elda Rader Ash on Oct 28, 2018

    The heading says” hide the propane tank with CAMEO”. Cameo??? That’s a vintage jewelry style- I think you mean “CAMO”. Short for camouflage.

  • Sue Collins Sue Collins on Jan 23, 2019

    Have ordered my camo from Amazon. Can't wait to cover our tank.