How to Make a Pretty Mini Stain Glass Yard Art Slate

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I love colour and enjoy the psychological benefits of bright and cheerful pieces in our environment, so when I found these broken bits of glass tile online at bargain price I just looked for a project that could make them into a something special.

I am using a pieces of grey slate with a rope hanger to mosaic them onto onto to create a colourful art piece for the garden.


Its fun and enjoyable to arrange the little pieces of already broken up coloured glass, however you could cut up your own mosaic glass tiles into small pieces if you found this easier or had a different vision for a creation.I’m keeping it simple.

Glueing the glass pieces

I Begin with PVA glue around the outer edge and stick and position the coloured glass . No formal pattern but I remember to leave small gaps for the grout cement later.

Planning design

I keep going around the piece from outer edge inwards with little shapes and placing the colours evenly.

Building up pattern

Next step once filled in completely and dried overnight is to grout. I decide to mix white grout powder with a coloured acrylic paint to add some unique colourful cheer!

Acrylic paint into grout

Mixed and ready to go with lovely bright blue paste into all the cracks and gaps of the mosaic glass tiles.


Once it’s covered well it’s time to wipe off all the excess grout and clean up.

Wipe off excess grout

I’m so thrilled with the pretty glinty and the blue grout really gives it a unique look!

Mosaic glass garden art
Mosaic glass garden art

Suggested materials:

  • Coloured pieces of glass for mosaic   (Amazon)
  • Slate for art   (Amazon)
  • Cement grout powder white   (Amazon)
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