Keep That Mulch Off Your Driveway With a Clean Crisp Edge.

David McIntosh
by David McIntosh
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I constantly have mulch coming onto my driveway and walkway. I need a simple and clean edge to keep things in place.

I thought about using a hard edge... putting bricks along the side of my walkway... but that is a lot of material and pain.

I decided to just buy a simple NO DIG edging product. Here it is.


+ The No Dig Kit. It comes with some 8in plastic spikes.

+ I used a plastic mallet for brick work. You can use a hammer.

+ I bought some extra 10in metal spikes (left over from a previous project)

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I have stood outside during a torrential rain storm (under and umbrella) and watched how well this works. Rain passes under the edging... so the mulch does not float away. My mulch is on a graded hill though and I have some rocks under the mulch to help water flow. This has held up well. The occasional mulch comes over from wind... but all in all it holds them back well. I have noticed on hot days the edging can flax a bit... so the more spikes you use closer together, the less issue you should have. It is nice and flexible... I did not want a hard edge in case you drive on or step on it (By accident).

Best no dig landscaping edge

Landscaping your garden is much easier thanks to EasyFlex no dig kit that Amazon reviewers swear by!

Here you can see the problem. Mulch just coming over on my nice walkway I put down. I extended my driveway using some left over bricks I had from another project!

I pushed all the mulch out of the way to make room for the edging.

Here is the product. I got a 40ft kit, but I had some leftover stakes from a different projects so I will use them up here (Some are long metal spikes).

See Material list at the top.

I started with a metal 10inch spike to anchor it down.

You can see my gutter run off pipe I have... I have 2 gutters connected underground that come out here onto some rocks to prevent run off. It works well. I started this edging just past it so it did not interfere with water.

I added a plastic spike every 4-5 holes. Depending on if I hit a rock or or the curve started earlier.

It goes down very quickly! Looking good so far.

I was surprised how easily I could turn a sharp corner. I just needed some extra spikes to keep things in place.

It also cut very easily with some shears.

I had a little extra so I put it on the other side... it is fine that it did not go all the way up the walkway to the trash cans... because I built that on an incline... so mulch tends to stay in place.

Here is the final look. Clean edge. I can even "accidentally" step on t without it moving around. Holds that mulch back nicely.

I just use the blower along the edge to keep it looking nice and clean!

So... in the end this product as a great buy. Easy to install if you have extra spikes... Turns a curve nicely too!

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Suggested materials:
  • 40' No Dig Edging Kit   (Amazon $23)
  • Hammer or mallet for the spikes   (Lowes)
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  • Summer Summer on Oct 16, 2019

    Would this work to border the edges of a driveway, that is, one that goes up and down a hill, preventing grass from coming onto it, etc. Suggestions?

  • Di Marie Di Marie on Dec 14, 2019

    Will this work for edging grass lawn?

  • Jerry Christoforatos Jerry Christoforatos on Apr 06, 2021

    This is an old post so i hope you get this comment. I have the same problem but I have a concrete edge on the perimeter of the pavers which are countersunk. It is there to hold the pavers in place and it is around the edge of every paver and about an inch down. I discovered it while digging around the edges to prep for the landscape edging strip. It looks like you have the same time of concrete edge. How did you nail the edgers in? Did you have to somehow nail through the concrete?

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    Great idea but I guess you don't have feral cats in the neighborhood that use your mulch beds as a litter box.


    I'd rather let the coyotes eat them instead. People keep your cats inside where they belong.