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Spring is here! Ok, let's be honest, some of us are still dreaming of warmer weather...but it’s close! Whether you’re already working on your spring clean up, or you’re still in the planning stages, this great edging kit that we’re featuring as our Material of the Week is fantastic for keeping your garden edges clean. Finally, an easy DIY solution to keeping mulch IN the garden. The kit is simple to use and comes with everything you’ll need to install your own edging like a pro. Get your edging kit here and get started!
Hometalker David McIntosh shares his great step by step tutorial for installing your own edging to keep mulch in the garden and off the sidewalk.
First, use an outdoor broom or rake to sweep all the run-away mulch back into the garden.
Next, lay down the edging strip along the edge of your landscaped area. Use a mallet to pound the “spikes” that come with the kit directly into the ground.
Add a spike every 4 or 5 holes to secure the edging.
Add a spike every 4 or 5 holes to secure the edging. The edging “turns corners” nicely too!
Here’s the finished project; nice and clean!
Check out David's full post here:>
If you’re looking for more ideas for creative edging, Alicia W. has 5 unique edging ideas that will take 10 min to install.
1. Glass Bottle Edging
Collect glass bottles of the same size, and remove the labels using warm water and soap. Then, using a rubber mallet, gently pound the bottles into the dirt.
Space the bottles depending on how many you have. It’s so simple but the outcome is colorful and fun!
2. Plate Edging
Using a rubber mallet, carefully tap the plates into the ground. Tap gently, you don't want to be left with pieces of plate! If the ground is hard, you may want to dig a thin trench first.
How cute is this? We love how the plates turn the garden into a whimsical wonderland!
3. Scrap Wood Edging
You can use scrap wood of varying shapes and colors to create a unique edge to your garden. Use a rubber mallet to tap the wood into the ground.
Viola!  Rustic meets checkerboard chic. Check out how well the edging matches the hostas!
4. Rope Lighting Edging
Outdoor rope lighting is perfect for this edging idea. Using landscaping pins, secure the light rope into the ground around the edge of the garden.
How fun is this?
5. Aluminum Flashing Edging
Make sure you’ve got heavy duty garden gloves for this one, as the flashing can be sharp! Fold down the edge of aluminum flashing to create a lip (that will keep the mulch inside the garden) and insert into the ground.
Check out the clean lines with this chic industrial look!

For all the details, go to the original post here:

Whichever edging style you choose, happy spring gardening!

Suggested materials:

  • Rubber Mallet
  • Waterproof rope lights
  • Landscaping pins
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    Yes, I would be afraid to put plates or glass jars close to a walk way unless they were plastic plates. Another idea, on the cheap would be to save empty cans. Remove the label, turn them upside down and place open end like you would a empty jar, side by side. Just an idea from a 76 year gal.