My DIY Vertical Balcony Garden

Hi there, everyone. Today I am sharing my pride and DIY vertical balcony garden! We have a balcony that gets some decent sun, but since it's a balcony, we're limited on space. We also can't mount anything to the walls or ceiling, so I decided to make a standalone vertical planter to maximize space.
This planter is made out of scrap wood pieces. I built out the base of the planter by just creating a regular box using pieces of pine: one on the bottom with holes drilled into it for drainage, and four sides.
Then I attached the vertical wood pieces to the back of the base and added cross pieces for the pots. The vertical pieces are actually furring strips, so they weren't the prettiest, but they did the trick. I used old wooden crib slats I found by our complex's dumpster for the cross pieces.
I painted it using outdoor paint to help it stand up better to the elements. I opted to a light beige, which I thought would accent the dark brown pots well. Everyone loved it...especially Henry. I put the catnip plant at the very top because I am a very, very mean mom.
I ended up planting lettuce in the base and have a variety of herbs in the hanging pots. I'm so happy with the result because it lets us grow tons of herbs while taking up very little space on our balcony. And that makes room for other plants, like my tomato plant, jalapeno plant, and second planter for lettuce! Plus we were able to build this for cheap.
If you want to read more details about this project, I'd love to have you over at the original post here or linked below. I'd love to know what you think and hope this gives you some ideas about how you can have a little garden even if you live in an apartment.
By Brittany Goldwyn
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