My First (of Many) Wind Chime

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After seeing all the wonderful wind chimes on Pinterest and Hometalk, I had to start making my own. This was a labor of love as I learned all the mistakes.
When I find things at thrift stores now that I know can hang either upside down or right side up, I grab them. In this case I believe this was a candle holder.
First I determined how many utensils I would need. I was short 4 but I didn't let that stop me. Finding real silverware with holes at the end design was a real coup.
As you can see I shopped for bear when it came to having what I needed. Then, I just started in with the basics...the fishing wire. I got 10 lb test line from Zebco and it works really well. I might get a larger/stronger gauge next time but for my first time worked great.
I started out stringing the faux pearls I needed to, then looping the wire over and under twice in the silverware hole, then going back up through the pearls. That took about 2 of them before I realized I could loop through the silverware and then string the pearls on with two strands of line at once. That saved me tons of time.
Once I set the silverware where I wanted them, leaving 4 holes to string just the pearls, I make sure all the silverware was secure. Then, I went to work on the pearl strands alone, mixing the little and the big ones to "sort of" match the ones on the silverware.
Once the 4 pearl only strings were done, I made sure I could measure it with my eye on if the strands and the silverware was even.
I had some very cool shower curtains that had rhinestones spot welded on them. I pried them off to cover the fishing line knots. I had to E-6000 glue them overnight but it was worth it. They look like they were suppose to be there so that is pretty cool. I used clothes pins to keep them in place.
Once they were done, I hung it on my balcony. I love the sounds that silverware makes so I am going to enjoy them now that I have put in so much work. The next one should be done and on tomorrow!!

Suggested materials:

  • Base of your wind chime...mine was a candle holder   (Goodwill)
  • Silver ware. Mine had holes in it but you can drill yours, too.   (Goodwill)
  • Rhinestones from shower curtain rings   (Salvation Army)
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  • Karen Black Karen Black on Sep 17, 2016
    I love this. It looks like all your silverware is hung at the same length. Is that correct? Thank you from North Carolina.

  • Diane Diane on Jul 25, 2021

    Just wondering, Isn’t a clapper needed to catch even the slightest breeze? I have a spoon wind chime a friend made and it doesn’t have a clapper, it takes a strong wind for it to make any sound. However, all your designs are really clever.


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  • Debra Debra on May 09, 2019

    I just love this idea thank you !!

  • Irene Gronewald Irene Gronewald on Jun 11, 2020

    very cool, I have old silver ware n a drill, don`t know if I have metal drill bit,I love the look of metal objects,so mine would be an old colander, n the silverware...thanks tons!!!

    • Sandra Allen Sandra Allen on Jun 11, 2020

      I have found silverware with holes in the pattern so if you can find them then you are set!