Old Fence Palings and a Rotten Window Frame to Vertical Garden

On the weekend my husband and I finally got around to repairing our wooden fence. Some of the palings had not been nailed down at the bottom when it was built and the timber palings had peeled away at the bottom like a banana. As the timber was warped at the bottom, it was impossible to nail them back down. So anyhow, off to the hardware store to purchase 14 replacement palings. We set to on the weekend and duly removed the damaged ones and replaced them and then painted them with a weatherproof stain and tint. Now, what to do with the ones we removed? Then a light bulb moment. A neighbour had a pile of old rotten windows on the kerb for council clean up, so I grabbed myself one that did not look quite the worst of the pile and brought it home. I did not even bother to cut the old palings down to size or remove the glass from the window frame. I just whacked the pieces of paling on as they were for a rustic look. Added some small screws into the palings and used old wire coat hangers to make holders for the pots that could then be hooked over the screws. Some twine helps to cover the ugly wires. Potted up some succulent cuttings and added some gravel and there it was. My version of a vertical succulent garden. Cost - zero dollars.
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  • Diana Wearing Diana Wearing on Jan 31, 2016
    Great idea!

    • Carole Carole on Jan 31, 2016
      @Diana Wearing I since added a woven white heart to the board and also an air plant. Sadly the air plant got chewed off the board by my neighbours dog who I look after from time to time! The urn has since been moved to another spot in the garden and more colourful pots placed in front of this. The garden is ever changing!