Old Gas BBQ & Smoker Become Plant Cart & Planters

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We had an old gas BBQ which had seen better days. It was the cast iron rolling cart kind of BBQ with slatted wooden sides. When we bought a new BBQ, the old one was no longer going to be used since it was in pretty sad shape. Rather then scrapping the old one, I took the cast iron part off and dismantled it. The top and bottom became heavy duty planters. This left the cart with a large empty space in the middle of the slatted sides. I really liked the cast iron planters but saw some potential with the rolling cart part as well.

Cast iron BBQ Bottom= Planter

Here is the original cast iron BBQ bottom that I painted “.25 Flowers” onto. I planted some red geraniums after placing it in my backyard. I used the top part of the cast iron BBQ for another planter for some succulents.

BBQ top= planter

The cart was too fun to leave alone so I turned it into a plant stand/ herb drying station using the original wooden bottom and placing it into the hole where the cast iron BBQ used to be. I added some recycled wooden slats I had stashed from my old wooden bench to make a new bottom for the cart. There was still a weird gap in the top, so I built an upright out of some scrap wood to fill the gap. I stapled chicken wire at the top of the upright to use for herb drying. I added cup hooks to the upright to hold garden tools/ little buckets. I use this little cart for rooting & arranging my succulents in small pots.

BBQ Rolling Cart=plant Station

My old BBQ became two planters and a rolling plant cart/ plant station. I repurposed/ upcycled almost the whole BBQ. I did end up recycling the cast iron grates though.

Herb drying area on upright

I use this cart to hold many plants and a few supplies for gardening. The planters have plants thriving in them. It was so much fun turning the old BBQ into some other useful items. Shortly after this makeover, I spotted an old smoker sitting curbside. I scooped it up and brought it home. I took it apart, to up-cycle as well.

Body of smoker= planter

The main part of the smoker was basically a large metal tube with wooden handles. I set it where I wanted it, filled it with my composted soil, and planted my aloe and geraniums. Since there is no bottom, the plants have plenty of room for roots.

Top of smoker added to bottom of smoker

I then used the lid from the smoker with the electric grill bottom to create an electric mini table top BBQ. So this curbside “ treasure find”, which was headed for the landfill, became a planter and a little BBQ. I hope you got inspired to create your own up -cycle.

Little electric BBQ

Summer lovin’ with old stuff blooming with new life. Thanks for stopping by.

Suggested materials:

  • Cast iron BBQ   (Had it)
  • Metal standing Smoker   (Found it curbside)

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