Patio Water Feature is My Retreat

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Team Challenge! One year for my summer birthday gift, my hubby purchased a plug in fountain for the patio. That winter it was left outside and cracked in the cold temperatures. So the following year, he built me my very own Water feature! I have fallen in love with these and this year I decided to try and do it on my own. With a bit of trial and error I figured it out and love the results!
This is my patio before picture! Boring, dirty, empty, drab! This year we are a little late starting our fountain, but it's still necessary, as far as I'm concerned!
You will want to start this project with a submersible pond pump. Make sure it's unplugged before using!!! My mistake was I had it plugged in while I was standing in water and couldn't figure out why I was getting zapped!
Next you will place the pump into the bottom of a large pail. Fill the pail with rocks and bricks to cover the pump the best you can.
Drill a hole into the back of a watering can to fit the pump hose into. I found this watering can at our local gardening store. You may have to screw the hose into the opening. Make sure the hose is in far enough not to pop back out.
I placed the watering can inside another smaller pail and stabilized it using more rocks. It may need a bit of leverage to pour the water into the big pail. Just be sure the watering can is on a good angle. Wrap the cords and wires around the back of the smaller pail. It doesn't matter to much if you hide them, because the decor will cover it all.
Fill both pails with water. I made sure the pump was plugged in and turned it on! It took second for the watering can to fill up but it worked wonderfully! Now my favorite part! The decorating!
I found these colorful fall flowers at the dollar store. Once I pulled these apart, I added them to my water feature. Depending on the season, you can change your flowers to match!
I didn't get many pictures the actual decorating part! I had other plants to hide all my cords, and the fall flowers were placed in the two pails to hide all the rocks!
I am so so so happy with this! As you can see I have some ivy growing on the right hand side. By next year, I hope it's grown enough to cover my lattice! This is by far one of my favorite ways to relax! A good book on my favorite chair and listening to the gentle sounds of my water feature!!!

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  • Jewellmartin Jewellmartin on Sep 07, 2017
    I'm almost drooling, this is so enticing. Where did you plug it in and did you use an extension cord? Best wishes 😇
  • Bonnie Tyner Bonnie Tyner on Sep 16, 2017
    Not sure how this works... how come the pail that receives the water from the watering can doesn't flood over? Did I miss something?
  • Adrianne Adrianne on Sep 16, 2017
    I'm confused on how the water flows back to the watering can to be poured into the bigger pail. I. The directions, I read you drilled a hole for the hose to fit thru, but I thought that was on the top of the watering can ( back) only. How did you get the water to flow to both pails?


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  • Angelina Q Angelina Q on Nov 10, 2017
    I love this! It’s my new fave!
  • Joanie Joanie on Jun 01, 2018

    I was impressed with your lattice in the corner and all your plants around. A nice little area.......Now maybe a honeysuckle or Clemitus growing up the lattice.....some kind of vine? Just adding some interesting tips. Can't get enough Maybe a small old, step ladder for more plants.