Asked on Aug 21, 2017

Anyone ever set up above ground pool on pavers?

Has anyone set up an above ground on these types of pavers. Looking for suggestions because we did and after 3 months got holes in the floor liner. (Possible from the weight of the water pushing the liner into the cracks and stretching it????
q above ground pool on pavers
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  • Beverly Forrester Beverly Forrester on Aug 21, 2017
    An above ground pool MUST be set up on a sand base to protect the pool or this will be your outcome, wearing holes in it. An expensive lesson!

  • Txlakegirl22 Txlakegirl22 on Aug 21, 2017
    You have to clear out the grass and weeds, great the ground to prevent regrowth and put in a sand base. The pool manufacturer has a recommended thickness for the sand. Your line can last for years if it is installed and maintained properly.

  • Danielle Whatsittoyou Danielle Whatsittoyou on Aug 21, 2017
    You're never supposed to install an above ground vinyl pool liner on anything like your pavers. I'm actually surprised that your liner lasted 3 months! You're supposed to level the ground in the space where you're pool is going to be, add a 3" layer of sand to the level ground and level the sand and then you can set your pool up. I have had several different, large above ground pools. They sell a product called a Rhino Pad, it is a fabric liner that you install between the sand layer and your vinyl liner. It is added protection from anything that may tear your liner. I hope this helps get you back in the pool! ; )

  • Karen Krysowaty Karen Krysowaty on Aug 21, 2017
    An above ground pool is not supposed to be put on a paver base but on a sand base The movement of the water and people walking on it will ruin the liner

  • Mariann Muting Coyle Mariann Muting Coyle on Aug 21, 2017
    If you will be keeping the pool up all year, I would remove the pavers and put in a sand base. If you only put it up for the summer I read someplace you can use foam board insulation. Foam-board insulation is generally made of polystyrene or polyurethane. It is widely available and is easy to cut and form. It comes in several thicknesses, but you don't need it to be thicker than 1/2 to 1 inch.
    Good luck.

  • 13526476 13526476 on Aug 21, 2017
    You must follow the instructions for placement of the pool or else your liner won't even last a swimming season. We put pool on at least an 8-inch base of fine sand covered with a foam board for additional protection. This needs to be leveled so as to also provide the best water placement. Don't use the paver base; however, you may be able to use the pavers to contain the sand.

  • Cyndi D. DeLong Cyndi D. DeLong on Jun 13, 2019

    You can do it on pavers, or concrete. Roll out carpet pad at least 1 layer thick or use those puzzle floor mats, the ones you put exercise equipment on. Ive dont it with no damage to the liner. I do tarps directly on the ground, then foam or carpet pad, then the thin tarp the pool came with. Harbor freight has the foam floor mats pretty cheap, but you can almost always find cheap carpet padding and its quicker to just roll it out.

  • Lisa N James Burchett Lisa N James Burchett on May 12, 2020

    We set ours on the paver patio, but we put a large outdoor rug under it. It has been up for over a month and so far so good.

  • Johnny Tsang Johnny Tsang on May 30, 2020

    I’m looking to do the same.. bought the puzzle floor mats and extra tarp to lay under.. don’t want to cut grass or so much leveling so hoping the pavers are level enough

  • Kelly Marie Kelly Marie on Jun 05, 2020

    I'm just about to install pavers and then putting interlocking rubber mats over it to install an above ground 10,000 gallon pool. I'm hoping this amount of weight will not "bury" the pavers!

  • J stitt J stitt on Oct 17, 2020

    For all of you that put their above ground pool on a paver patio, how did the pool hold up for the season? Any suggestions? Looking to do this for next year. Thanks in advance for your help!

  • Jenni Jenni on Feb 18, 2021

    For all of you that put their above-ground pool on a paver patio with layers between, how did it work out? I have pavers but want to get an above-ground pool but didn't want to through the hassle of removing pavers.