Can you help me with this barn?

we purchased a home on 5 acres that has a wonderful old barn. By old barn I mean that at one point it housed animals and has a DIRT floor! To say it is rustic would be an understatement, lol..
I believe the first order of business to get it started for something other than a barn (Id love to use it as a rustic place for family gatherings) I need to put down a floor. Problem is, I don't have much money. Any ideas would be so appreciated. I live in South Louisiana....
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This is the actual barn.  On the opposite side are two barn doors that are falling down....
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  • Jan Clark Jan Clark on Jun 11, 2017
    Hmm. Permanent floor? That's going to cost you. But if the barn is that old, the dirt is well packed and useable. For entertainment use, try a few of those outdoor 'carpets'. When they get yucky, you just toss them onto the grass and hose them off. Once they're dry just roll them up and store them for the next party.

  • Vickie solis Vickie solis on Jun 11, 2017
    crushed concrete is very reasonably priced. It sets hard like poured concrete. People use it for walk ways, patios, and driveways

  • FL FL on Jun 11, 2017
    From what you said, you don't want or need a "foundation," just simple flooring. I would guess a concrete slab would not be too expensive depending on size. (You may need to call the town first to see if there are any restrictions or needed permits needed to add anything permanent to your property). You could learn to do the concrete yourself by going to any home store and ask for advice or see a demonstration. If you did it a section at a time it would only cost you the price of the cement. Concrete would be easy to clean, give you solid flooring, add value to the barn, and open the options for other uses like clean, dry storage, a playroom, a teen hangout, man cave, etc. Good luck!

  • Tam 15076171 Tam 15076171 on Jun 11, 2017
    If you know how to put the floor in but the problem is money use pallet wood not only will you be repurposing the pallet wood but you will doing something that you can be proud of. You pick up pallets for free just drive around to the back of flooring stores furniture stores places that bring in heavy loads they always use pallets and throw them away. Be sure to go in and ask if you can have them. They are always glad to get them out of the way.

  • Tam 15076171 Tam 15076171 on Jun 12, 2017
    You are only going to use the wood from the pallets you will have to take them apart but other than making sure everything is level no I don't know what else you could do

  • Tam 15076171 Tam 15076171 on Jun 12, 2017
    Let me know what you do I love this barn

  • Sco54482257 Sco54482257 on Nov 21, 2021

    Crushed granite and pack it down.

    if you do pallets, connect them with 2x4’s along the sides and cover with plywood

  • Sco54482257 Sco54482257 on Nov 21, 2021