Camouflage ideas for septic tank covers

by 512181
  5 answers
  • Shelley Shelley on Nov 06, 2017

    Grass is best

  • GrandmasHouseDIY GrandmasHouseDIY on Nov 06, 2017

    You can actually buy little fake rocks to cover up your septic tank caps with. We cut ours down to ground level so my husband can mow right over them. In the summers when the grass if long you can't even see them :)

  • Cheryl Youngman Cheryl Youngman on Nov 06, 2017

    Turn it into a garden area. If the top is large set pots on top with plants or shrubs in them. It would be something you could move when you need to have it pumped.

  • 512181 512181 on Nov 06, 2017

    Thank you for the suggestions. I have researched this a lot on the net. Our septic system is a 3 tank system and a pump that pumps clear water to the sewer. Some one comes out a few times a year to check on them to make sure the microbes are doing their job to break down the waste. I thought about the rocks, but they do seem pricey. I think we might try to use Rustoleum or Krylon camouflage paint and use plants in a large bed to disguise the four bright green covers. I will take a picture when we complete the job.