Curb appeal ideas?

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  • Dfm Dfm on Jan 31, 2018
    Green grass, flower beds garden beds neat and tidy, washed siding, concrete or other drive way material with out stains. No plants growing in the cracks of the sidewalk. No broken sidewalk squares. No broken windows on the house. Siding washed. No toys in the yard. No dead plants in the yard. No peeling or faded paint jobs. Roof in good conditioN. Curtians drawn, roof in good repair.

  • Flipturn Flipturn on Feb 01, 2018
    Karen, it would be helpful if you posted a picture of the house that you are wanting to add more curb appeal to. That way more Hometalkers would be able to respond to your question with answers specific to your individual situation.

  • Shoshana Shoshana on Feb 01, 2018
    If you repaint your shutters and front door you'll instantly up your curb appeal

    • Shoshana Shoshana on Feb 01, 2018
      You can also browse through some fun ideas on Hometalk-

  • Patricia Patricia on Feb 01, 2018
    Fresh coat of gray paint, red or blue door, painted flower pots, raised garden beds, updated mailbox......

  • Emily Emily on Feb 01, 2018
    Symmetry is soothing and welcoming so have pairs of plants in urns on either side of walkway. People have given a lot of good suggestions but for my area anyway, they would be impossible to implement in the winter (roofing, planting, painting etc) Charming accessories for the front porch (if you have one) window boxes. We have a brass mail slot and escutcheon on our front door and my husband just said they need to be polished. Can't do it now but as soon as the weather is good! Here is our front porch for the 4th of July. I want my house to say "welcome, come in!"

  • Eroque022810 Eroque022810 on Feb 01, 2018
    Yes I agree that a picture would have been helpful or at least some measurements and style of home. But let's take a gamble here,I live this stuff I just stink at doing it myself. OK so I don't believe that outside of home has to dictate inside of home such as a cap cod home doesn't need to have a cottage feel nor a colonial have to have a formal feel. But without knowing your home and how you like to decorate this is just some basic stuff. So if you do believe that outside dictates inside then follow that idea and as stated before very well paint door freshen up borders and have a nice lawn,done. If you like to stand out and show who you are,then throw some curves in there on lawn and maybe if you have space carve out a patio area for you to enjoy the front of home and add some small bushes that don't require all your time paint the door your favorite color add planters that you love in shape and color or add a water feature to enjoy as well a small fountain. Or if a diyselfer then see if you can find these types of items at garage sales and paint them to suit you and if the fountain doesn't work turn into a planter with cascading vines and tall plant as focal point. If walk way is concrete but broken up replace with something else then just more concrete,try slate or those really nice large rectangular stones and fill around them with pea stones. I would widen it I don't think that a walkway can ever be to wide. My reasoning is this,you hopefully add solar lights for evening,some potted flowers and now you have already taken up walking space and feel like you have to watch every step so as to not knock anything over. Do you have a front porch? You can add hanging plants obviously but try something new make ball shaped hangers look on this site or pinterest for how to and hang on a hook that rotates so you only have to turn to make sure that the plants get sun on all sides. You can add privacy with a curtain and really take advantage of this spot to read in privacy. If you hate gardening stick to planters that are large so that you don't need more than 4 two at front of walkway two at stairs or on porch. Make them identical. And since planters need more watering you only have to water four very well twice a day if in full sunlight once before 9 and try once after 9 that morning and evening. If garage faces street then you must include,I wouldn't recommend painting it your favorite color cause just too in your face and will take away from home. I would recommend a good subbing or power washing. But if out of wood don't power wash it might remove paint! If out of wood I would freshen paint in color of downspouts. I fact all your window trim should be this color but shutters in door color. Just more cohesive and highlights the focal point you want to high light. Please don't paint a brick house no matter how much you hate color of bricks it is just one more major job to redo ever few years and I would never buy a house that has painted bricks,just use them to either guide your color of flowers as same or totally opposite on color wheel. Take into consideration the way the house faces especially since you live up north,the Northside takes a hit with bright sun in morning and then total shade. So if facing north pick a color that can actually be seen from the street once shade sets in and don't forget light fixtures bring those up to date but in your way and if you can't afford that then just spray paint yours to look fresh and in a modern color same goes with door hardware. You don't have to replace everything spray paint it and put back up. But first figure out what you don't like or what is missing and save up and work on that. My home is typical 84 suburban home that was not a colonial and the porch is just too small and garage faces front so what I want to do is extend porch and mimic the garage roof line on that side of home that I'd currently just flat. I also want a walkway from the street but I have to wait to see best place to put is due to waterline leading to sewer and the new pirch. Al, of this is a huge domino effect so we have to save up for a few years and is ce I don't see us moving I wil, just keep up front of home as best I could without spending anymore money. So I figured out what I didn't like which I'd the flatness,no character of the home then I took it from there realizing that we can't do it now yet it's not something that can be done in stages I must save and wait. Nothing wrong with that and it keeps me from wasting money. You do the same,figure it out by taking a few pictures from across the street and walking in your neighborhood and checking out homes you like regardless of their style of home. Then print out but just on paper and not in color don't waste ink just black and white and draw on them to see that you like and what you will need to do and what it will cost if you can afford it do it if not then wait it out saving money up for your dream home not on plants that you have to rip out.

  • Karen Karen on Feb 01, 2018
    Thanks, I bought window planter boxes for my bedroom windows, a bench for the porch. Updated the mailbox, but the plow truck & icy snow has it leaning & salted. Waiting for the weather to spring break to install window boxes & pull some of the old shrubbery & plant flowers, etc. Will take before & after pics!