Decor for a small garden- ideas?

I just want my garden to look nice
q decor for a small garden
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  • Kay27246977 Kay27246977 on Jan 08, 2018
    put down fake grass, hide the planters with pretty rocks, and don't stick to the walls so much, but pretty outdoor furniture and i sell painted mailboxes if you want one let me know

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Jan 08, 2018
    I would put outdoor furniture groupings close to the house and put some of the plants in grouping on either side of the furniture grouping. You could make groupings of the plants so that they aren't all against to wall and all aren't on the floor level.

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Jan 08, 2018
    aRe-pot the plants in colorful containers.Put a colorful outdoor carpet down.Use different plant stands in various shapes and colors.

  • Vrohde Vrohde on Jan 08, 2018
    Go to restores, St. Vincent's, Goodwill you name it and find some small tables that you could use for some of your plants. Arrange them at different heights. Group them in different areas. I look forward to seeing what you do with it all. Good luck.

  • SandyG SandyG on Jan 08, 2018
    What a nice space. I would bring some of the plants that are on the ground up on shelves or small tables to break up the visual of the area being lined up at the floor. Definitely, use the post to make a hanging post. I am not sure if it can be drilled, but would be worth checking. Don't come down too far on the post with plants as it would be in walking area and you would be breaking stems branches. Also, you could add pots around the post and use vining plants to travel up the post. Also, use your wrought iron fence to hang some of your smaller, more vining, flowing plants. I love the stool you are using for a plant stand. Get some paint for it and add another pop of color.

  • Rai2755762 Rai2755762 on Jan 10, 2018
    It already looks nice. :) maybe just an outdoor rug or two.