Did I cut my grapevines back too far?


Can anyone tell me if I cut my grapevines back too far?

q did i cut my grapevines back too far
q did i cut my grapevines back too far
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  • I don't know a lot about pruning grapevines, but this link has great information:


  • Cindy Cindy on Apr 11, 2020

    No, I don't think you pruned your grapevines too far. Grapevines don't even become mature until the 3rd year of growth. Dormant pruning should be completed starting in late February thru March. Use pruning shears to prune back to 3 to 5 nodes per spur. The spurs should be evenly spaced along the cordon.

  • JI JI on Apr 12, 2020

    Thx everyone. I did watch a bunch of tutorials first, but never really found one that were grown quite like mine. They are at least 6 years old with so much over growth. I just hope I left enough canes and spurs. The one on the arbor I cut in early March, but the larger one, not until today. I know, a little late. I tried to leave some buds but accidentally cut some off. I guess we’ll see? 😕

  • Flipturn Flipturn on Apr 12, 2020

    From personal experience, I know that grape vines can grow like weeds. Every fall I would cut it back . In the spring even when the plant looked half dead, when I went away for a week, it seemed like the darn things would be almost taking over half the yard by the time I returned home!

    It is still early in the year as far as the growth season. If the plant is already 6 years old, I wouldn't worry too much that it won't come back again this year.

    Enjoy your arbours.

    • Everyday Edits Everyday Edits on Apr 18, 2020

      What types of vines grow the fastest? I love the look of an arbor and grapevines.? laura

  • I would say no. I cut mine a lot shorter than that and they grow like mad every year.

  • Redcatcec Redcatcec on Apr 12, 2020

    I cut ours back late winter, it was an especially mild winter, they are younger than yours. So far lots of buds.

  • The main stock is so thick they will grow back

  • Michelle Leslie Michelle Leslie on Apr 13, 2020

    Hi, please don't worry your grape vine will be fine. Well established ones like yours are tough and she'll be pushing out new shoots in no time

  • It should grow back just fine. No worries!

  • Vimarhonor Vimarhonor on Apr 17, 2020

    Hello. I wouldn’t worry it should be fine. We have encroaching grapevines from the property line that enter twine in our evergreen trees and we’re pulling them out by the roots and they still come back.

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    • Vimarhonor Vimarhonor on Apr 22, 2020

      Thats an excellent question.

      I personally feel hand pulling out by the roots effective - the neighbors vines are very shallow rooted. Watch for further pop ups. We avoid the Chemical herbicides which could damage surrounding screening landscaping. With us in a more rural situation too ...we have to be aware of poison ivy in these places too.

      In a less rural community solution you might try put the landscaping fabric and mulch down to obliterate the emerging vines

      The grapevine climb 29+ feet high into our evergreens fortunately clipping them at the roots seems to make the vine die. We did purchase a marine boat hook that telescopes to help pull the vines out of our trees.

      Additionally for the best local professional advice

      I would highly suggest contacting your cooperative extension. These offices are manned by volunteer master gardeners on site there waiting to answer the communities questions that know your local situation quite well.

      Master gardeners are required to volunteer back designated hours ( plus continuing education) each year to maintain MG certification -this community outreach and education is their goal.

      If your office is closed....there Might be alternative online venues like Ask an Expert as well as emailing your local master gardeners extension office for their guidance. I hope you will find the perfect solution to your irritating situation.

  • Michelle Michelle on Apr 04, 2021

    grapevines are like ivy... they always return