How can I make my back yard my own?


We just bought an older home with tons of character, but the back yard has been neglected, is overgrown, and has no privacy on one side. There is a pergola, a big tree, a storage shed, an above ground pool, and a play house (all needing work) . I'm overwhelmed and at a loss... where do I start? How can we add character on a tight budget and make it more livable? I am a single mom with two children, and the yard is just not functional nor inviting. HELP!

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  • Just start by clearing all the overgrown trees, shrubs and weeds. The pergola sounds like a good place to start. Just cleaning it up will make you feel better. If sound, slap a fresh coat of paint on it, add some lights, throw your lawn chairs and bbq grill out there and dream about what you want to do next. Make it a family project. Clear out the storage shed, paint the outside and use to store your tools as you acquire them. Grass seed is cheap, section off an area, rough up the ground, toss some seed out, top with topper, water and see if it takes. If it does, work your way around the yard in sections. Work on it as time and budget allows. You can do this, it will just take time! And I bet you have friends from work, school, church that will be more than willing to lend a hand here and there, take the help! In less time than you think, the yard will be in liveable shape.

  • Michelle Leslie Michelle Leslie on Jul 11, 2018
    It sounds like your new yard has tons of potential. Can you get the kids involved and perhaps sit down and find out what they would love to use or fix first. They can help you come up with plans and draw up a budget so they realize the costs involved. Maybe you can put a swing in the big tree so the kids can have something to play in and then tackle the overgrowth. Hire someone with a brush cutter or lend one from a friend and cut down the overgrowth so it looks more manageable. The play house could be a good starting point too. You could turn it into a she shed or buy some paint and just give it a new updated look. As long as you make a small start somewhere you'll feel a sense of accomplishment which makes it easier to tackle the next problem. All the best Deborah

  • Erin Erin on Jul 11, 2018

    Definitely get the kids involved as much as possible. Even little ones can pick up sticks and fill a wheelbarrow.

    Take some before photos so you’ll have a way to see how much you’ve all accomplished.

  • Deborah Garoui Deborah Garoui on Jul 12, 2018