How can I make my front yard looks better

I need some ideas on how to make my yard looks better wi a little budget
q how can i make my front yard looks better
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  • Shore grandmom Shore grandmom on Jul 08, 2018

    You have a cute house, it just needs some color. Move the children's toys and everything else to the backyard especially the table. Get a few shrubs and plant them along the blank space. Check the clearance section at lowes, home depot and everywhere else that has shrubs. A few colorful flowers will go a long way. Rake the dead grass and plant some grass seed. Be careful of the little tree by the steps, it looks like it's growing into the walkway. If it won't kill it, replant it on the other corner of the house. If you're not sure, leave it there, but trim it to grow away from the steps.

  • Teacup8885 Teacup8885 on Jul 08, 2018
    Lay down some weed block net, get some medium sized rocks or pavers of some sort n some pea stone on top of weed block, with couple of shrubs in planters or in the ground!!??

  • LadyOtheLake LadyOtheLake on Jul 08, 2018
    remember, gardening (like home improvements) is a process. It takes time & creative ideas.

  • Cute house! First I would address the palm tree. Too close to the house and could potentially damage your foundation. Cheap and easy is bender board with tumbled gravel with stepping stones. Add some pretty potted plants and call it a day. If you want grass, it will take a bit of work as the ground looks really compacted. Make small improvements here and there when budget allows, Rome was not built in a day. Nothing says your yard has to done all the once, it evolves over time. And be careful, we have had record breaking heat, be safe!

  • Carol Carol on Jul 09, 2018
    Paint your house a medium to dark gray with white trim. In the area between house & side walk plant several red yuccas & other succulent plants with pampas grass on each end for balance Fill in area with mulch or pea gravel after putting down the black cloth stuff retards weeds

  • Carol Carol on Jul 09, 2018
    I live in a rental & left the plants in flower pots so I could move them with me if I wanted. The weed block & pea gravel has to stay. ( There was no landscaping when I moved in)

  • Scooter Scooter on Jul 09, 2018

    You could get some mulch to put in the bare spaces, it comes in several colors and is on sale often - 3 bags $10.00. Ask your friends if they have any ground cover that you could get cuttings from and start growing it (don't put the mulch down if you do this). It's not a big space so grass seed would probably not be too expensive. Check with your local garden clug or look up on your states website to find out what type of grass to plant for your soil/water conditions. Go to garage sales and thrift shops to find little statues, pavers or yard decorations cheap!! I have been getting all my yard decorations from garage sales and it takes some time but you can get some great stuff cheap! Dumpster diving is also good - find a small table and paint it yourself - same with pots for plants.

  • Katie Katie on Jul 10, 2018

    Hang your garden hose, use the scallop edging along the sidewalk to “enclose” the area, remove the toys and all else. Transplant the palm tree to the far corner of the area so it won’t be growing too close to the house structure, then turn your bush near the steps to grow towards the palm tree. Plant a few shrubs (check for full growth height) for a backdrop and plant some shorter flowering evergreens in front of those shrubs and then finish filling the area with small flowering plants until the entire area is full and lined with your scalloped border...just water and never have to mow that area!

    Put a pretty potted plant in the corner of your porch! Always keep your porch and yard clutter free and your yard mowed and edged and it will always look better! And make you feel better too!

  • Leona Leona on Jul 10, 2018
    Mine took awhile, but I now love it. Every week or two, I would go to Lowes to purchase as many pavers (one area was red the other hexigon shape) as I could and began smoothing ground and laying pavers in the shape I wanted. (You need to buy all in one summer, because they may change the style the next year). The area soon filled in. I did sweep any dirt or sand I could find over all of it to make it fall in the cracks to lock them all together. Then I began placing a little picket fence all around (a section at a time). Then I placed potted plants around (some real, some fake plants mixed in--there are some nice greenery ones now). A DIY repurposed or dollar store dishes can make a nice small birdbath too.