How can you spruce up this RANCH's front entry , its so BROWN!

We live on 7 acres in MO , this is a 4000 sq ft ranch, where everything is BROWN, i have lightend up the landscaping with light green and yellow flowering plants , but we are still left with BROWN. I like Blues and Blacks as an accent , i love Rock but not sure if you can place rock on top of brick. I would love to brighten up the entry , as you can see it sinks into the house making it a very dark entry, does this require a gable?

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  • Jjk7521733 Jjk7521733 on Jun 17, 2017
    her is a pano since the video didnt load

  • Susan Susan on Jun 17, 2017
    Paint your front door it will brighten up the entry way a bit. Bring in moveable planters with different colored flowers. Have fun...

  • Cynthia H Cynthia H on Jun 17, 2017
    Since you love stone, how about stone planters? I agree, the door is the quickest way to brighten things up. Most support columns like your brick ones on the porch, that I've seen were built around something else such as a post or cinderblock. If that is the case, the brick facade could be stripped off and stone could be used instead. I think I remember a fixer upper episode on HGTV that did that. I think refacing any of your entry would depend on if it is brick or brick veneer.

  • Just peachy Just peachy on Jun 17, 2017
    Add some potted plants through out your garden beds. And maybe move the shrubs, if they havent been there too long in the fall. I don't know if it's the angle or not, but the shrubs seem awkwardly placed.

  • What an awesome home on a beautiful piece of property! If you like blues and blacks find a way to incorporate those colors. How about a beautiful blue for the front door and some accents on the porch?